Senior School


Inspiring Me

Year 10 to Year 12

Welcome to the Senior School. The journey from Year 10 to 12 is an exciting one for every young person and we feel very fortunate to be part of it with you. We believe that the journey should be one that is enriching, stimulating and one that explores the development of valuable skills and dispositions.

'Inspiring Me' program

Peninsula Grammar’s Inspiring Me program (Years 10 to 12) recognises the ever-changing world in which we live and the need for young people to develop the ability to thrive in this environment after they complete their secondary schooling journey.

The program is centred on problem finding and problem solving skills inspiring our students to think actively, logically, socially and creatively. With a focus on lifelong learning and effective communication skills, Inspiring Me prepares our students for the pathways and opportunities beyond our school gates.



Senior School classes are about building the foundations for lifelong learning and encouraging the pursuit of personal excellence for every student. Teachers aim to inspire a passion for their subject, whilst teaching skills and knowledge that the students can apply throughout their Senior School journey and beyond.

VCE and Teaching

Achievement is not all about academic success. At Peninsula Grammar, students are encouraged to always strive to achieve their personal best and to learn for life, not just for an exam. Some people argue that as the predominant form of assessment in the VCE is the examination, then schools should therefore concentrate solely on preparing students for exams with rote learning techniques and prescribed answers. For students who are encouraged to use high order thinking skills and who can critically analyse the subject matter before them, an exam should be a less demanding form of assessment in which they excel.

Our excellent VCE results certainly suggest that at Peninsula Grammar, a focus on learning for life has this effect. When predicted student results are compared with achieved results in each study, Peninsula students, on average, gain one to four points above their expected study score; achievement that comes back to the classroom environment, the ability of the teaching staff and the culture of the School. These achievements then allow many of our students to gain entry to their preferred tertiary pathway.

We have spent considerable time and energy in designing our VCE program and are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive list of 33 VCE subjects. Our VCE structures are designed to achieve maximum flexibility to offer the best options for our students. Vertical time-tabling often allows mixed classes of Years 11 and 12 students facilitating wider patterns of course selection than most other schools can manage.

Our expert and committed staff members are very well organised for the VCE. You will also receive excellent course documentation to help you monitor your own deadlines and progress. Feedback on your progress will be given often, either online or personally in the friendly way that characterises the close student-staff relationships in the Senior School.


Your final years at Peninsula Grammar are often the culmination of many years of hard work, friendships, learning and challenges. There is so much to do, and so much unknown, that the future can sometimes seem both exciting and overwhelming. In Positive Education we understand that ambiguity and uncertainty are part of life, and can be faced confidently with curiosity, acceptance, courage, authenticity and even playfulness.

Positive Psychology is an applied science, and in these Senior School, it is more important than ever that the approach is relevant, constructive and helps create sustainable positive change. Our goal is to empower students to understand their situation through reflection and self-awareness, and to provide pragmatic support for personal development and learning growth.