We have an excellent record of academic achievement with outstanding VCE results. This is testament to our investment in the highest quality teaching, exceptional state-of-the-art buildings and learning spaces, such as our VCE Science Centre, innovative approaches to learning and the delivery of a rich and broad VCE program.



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At the heart of Peninsula Grammar lies a community of likeminded people, unified in their desire to see everyone succeed. For many members of our community, this journey begins at kindergarten, a crucial time in the social and emotional development of all children.

Junior School

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Our Junior School program is one of discovery, and, like all discovery, that is inspired by a curiosity. It’s a time when our teaching staff encourage each child to develop their own curiosity and love of learning, helping them enjoy success on their learning journey.

Middle School

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Our unique Middle School program, “Becoming Me” provides a supportive link between the Junior School and Pre Senior School (Year 9). The unique needs of young adolescent students at this age are identified and catered for in a tailored program designed explicitly to support students through a time of exceptional physical, social and emotional growth.

Pre Senior School

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Our innovative “Challenging Me” program is based on extensive research on how best to cater for the needs of adolescent learners. In Year 9, our students are taught by a dedicated team of teachers who work collaboratively to develop curriculum, teaching and learning resources.

Senior School

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Welcome to the Senior School. The journey from Year 10 to 12 is an exciting one for every young person and we feel very fortunate to be part of it with you. We believe that the journey should be one that is enriching, stimulating and one that explores the development of valuable skills and dispositions.

academic disciplines



The world is opened wide through our study of Literature and our passion for studying stories both past and present. We are exceptionally proud of our English program which targets every students, appeals to their preferred genres and engages their imaginations.

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In preparing our students for the real world, our maths program is designed to enhance critical thinking, promote problem solving and enliven approaches to learning mathematics in a context befitting the 21st century learner.

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Now, more than ever before, the world needs scientists. Our program spans the Junior to Senior School with an emphasis on inquiry and the promotion of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Pscyhology across the School.

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To be true citizens of the world we must understand the complexities of it. The study of Humanities teaches our students the norms, cultures, beliefs and values that drive society.

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