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Our scholarship program offers opportunities for exceptional students to reach their full potential at Peninsula Grammar.

For more information about our scholarship opportunities, please contact our Registrar Debra de Belle on +61 3 9788 7702 or email


Peninsula Grammar offers a number of scholarship opportunities across multiple year levels:

Academic and General Excellence Scholarships – Years 5, 7 and 9

Scholarships for students entering Years 5, 7 and 9 are offered on the basis of scholarship testing held in February each year for the following year. Scholarship selection testing is conducted by ACER, a well-known, independent, national research and development organisation.

Academic scholarships are awarded to the students who perform best on the examination.

General excellence scholarships are awarded to students who do well on the examination and who can demonstrate excellence in areas such as sport, music and drama. Evidence of achievement will be required from those students who are invited for general excellence interviews after the awarding of academic scholarships is completed. Scholarships are usually tenable until the completion of Year 12.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Registrar Debra de Belle via email or +61 3 9788 7702.

Applications for 2022 awards are now open. Testing will be conducted on site at Peninsula Grammar on Saturday 13 February 2021.

Click here for the ACER Scholarship Test (Primary)

Click here for the ACER Scholarship Test (Year 7 and 9)


Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship – Years 10 or 11 entry

The Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship has been established to honour the memory of Daniel Groves, Blair Hibbert and Timothy Noble who lost their lives in a tragic car accident in Frankston on 21 November 1998. At the time of the accident the boys were approaching the end of Year 11 and would have otherwise joined their classmates who subsequently became the Class of ’99. Daniel, Blair and Timothy were highly regarded by our community, they took full advantage of all that our school offers. This scholarship is partly funded by the generous investment of parents from the graduating Class of ’99.

This scholarship is awarded annually to a student whom otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend Peninsula Grammar. Family finances will be a consideration when bestowing this scholarship.

The scholarship is a general excellence scholarship. The recipient need not necessarily be an outstanding academic, but must show a strong commitment to his/her studies. In addition, he or she will be able to detail achievements in areas outside the academic program, such as music, sport, drama or debating.

The scholarship is awarded to a student entering Year 10 or 11 and includes full remission of tuition fees for Years 10, 11 and 12 as applicable.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Registrar Debra de Belle via email or +61 3 9788 7702.


Robert Barr-Smith Scholarship – Year 7 2022

The Robert Barr-Smith Foundation was established in 1915 after the death of businessman and philanthropist Robert Barr-Smith.

Mr Barr-Smith allocated funds to a scholarship for a Peninsula Grammar student as part of his trust. The trust fund is explicit about how the money must be used. This annual scholarship is open to male students only from Victoria who will be entering Year 7. Applicants may not be existing students of Peninsula Grammar and should be from a family that would otherwise not be able to afford the School’s fees.

This general excellence, means-tested scholarship is offered annually, entailing a full remission of tuition fees and associated costs, plus extras such as music lessons, excursions and electives tenable from the commencement of Year 7 through to the completion of Year 12.

Applicants are not required to sit the annual scholarship exam but may elect to do so.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Registrar Debra de Belle via email or +61 3 9788 7702.


Board of Directors Scholarship – Year 7

The Board of Directors offers a small number of families who would not normally be able to afford to send their child to Peninsula Grammar, the life-changing opportunity of a scholarship, including full remission of tuition fees from Year 7 through to the completion of Year 12.

This scholarship will allow the recipients the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish, ready to take a purposeful place in life. Peninsula Grammar influences and nurtures students to make a difference beyond our school gates.

This is a general excellence, means-tested scholarship.

Further enquiries can be made by contacting Registrar Debra de Belle email or (03) 9788 7702


Lomholt Music Scholarship – Years 7 to 12

The Lomholt Music Scholarship is offered to promising musicians who are not currently enrolled at the School. Applicants must have at least three years experience on their chosen instrument and be playing at a very advanced level. This auditioned scholarship attracts approximately 50% remission on tuition fees and free school-based music instruction on the student’s chosen instrument. The scholarship is tenable from Years 7 to 12, however applicants may enter the School at any secondary year level.

For further information, please contact our Head of Ensemble and Studio Music Dr Richard Vaudrey via email or call +61 3 9788 7777.



Vietnamese students of the highest academic calibre, and with outstanding English language skills, are invited to apply for our international scholarships, which are offered to a maximum of four students per year.

The scholarship entitles the recipients to 100% tuition fee remission for Years 11 and 12, which equates to around A$70,000. All other expenses must be borne by the candidate’s family. These include living expenses which may total around A$55,000 for the two year period. There is no possibility for Peninsula Grammar to extend the value of the scholarship beyond tuition fee remission.

The scholarships are awarded in September each year for students to begin studying the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) at Peninsula Grammar from January the following year. The VCE is an internationally recognised Australian senior high school certificate which also serves as the gateway for Australian and international universities.

For more information please contact our Principal’s Office via email or phone on +61 3 9788 7705.


Below is a timeline outlining the Vietnam International Scholarship process:

  • Timing
  • Activity
  • January – June
  • Applicants research international scholarship options
  • January – June
  • Applicants download the application form
  • July
  • Applicants submit application
  • August
  • Applicants are advised if they have been selected for the shortlist
  • August
  • Interviews conducted
  • September
  • Scholarships awarded
  • November
  • Visa applied for, booklist provided and homework set
  • January
  • Applicant arrives and classes begin