Stretching the mind beyond the classroom

At Peninsula Grammar School education is a holistic experience.

Our co-curricular program is broad, offering students a range of experiences that complement and build on what is learned in the classroom.



Art, Design & Technology

Become involved with the MakerSpace movement and learn the process for creative problem solving.

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Music plays a central role in the educational and cultural life of Peninsula Grammar.

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Our aim is to develop well-rounded students that are committed to their individual health and participation in physical activity.

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Performing Arts

Peninsula Grammar’s Performing Arts Program offers our students incredible experiences and almost unteachable lessons.

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The Outdoor Education program at Peninsula Grammar contributes significantly to our commitment to nurturing the whole child.

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Food Tech

Food Tech at Peninsula Grammar includes hospitality, food science and nutrition and community engagement.

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Cadets provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development in leadership skills, teamwork and self-discipline.

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Debating is used as a form of oral communication in the senior English curriculum.

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At Peninsula Grammar we value our environment and believe in the need to minimise our impact on the world to ensure the sustainability of the future.

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House System

The House system at Peninsula Grammar has long been an integral feature of our School with the names of the six Houses honouring the founders of the School.

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