Little Giants

Introducing Little Giants

We are proud to announce the launch of Little Giants.

Little Giants is our new bespoke extra-curricular program designed to help our Junior School students of today grow into the giants of tomorrow.

Our pioneering program encompasses a myriad of subjects, across disciplines, to inspire students from Prep to Year 4 to find and foster their passions sooner.

Little Giants will run twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45pm – 4:45pm.
If your child currently attends Peninsula Grammar and you would like them to be part of our Little Giants program, please sign up.
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If you are not yet a parent at Peninsula Grammar but would like to learn more about this program, please call our Head of Junior School, Mrs. Louise Nicholls-Easley on 9788 7831 for further information.

Our new bespoke extra-curricular program


Below are our classes that we will be running, as part of Little Giants:


Encore Academy | Prep & Year 1

In this class, students will breathe new life into their favourite stories.

Pupils in Prep and Year 1 will take centre stage in our new blended dance, drama, and design class. They will be taught the theatrical and visual arts by listening to stories, making masks or puppets and expressing narratives through music, dance and acting.

The purpose of this class is to ignite your child’s interest in the arts, while also building their confidence and ability to work in a team. In this class, your child will learn to express their emotions in a range of ways that add purpose and value to their creative craft.

Learning will be demonstrated by the children creating their own performances based on literature.

Building a Blockbuster | Prep - Year 4

This class is for the little Spielberg’s and Gerwig’s of tomorrow.

All Junior School students will be invited to capture the world as they see it through the art of media.

Our students are 21st century learners and this class will provide them with an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning experiences, while developing a love for film.

If you enrol your child in this class, they will have the opportunity to explore scriptwriting, acting, filming, production (light and sound) and editing (short animations).

The aim of this class is to build confidence, by providing opportunities for self-expression behind and beyond the lens of a camera.

All students will celebrate success together through sharing their work with the wider school community.

Writer’s Workshop | Year 2 - 4

A blank page can be intimidating to some.

However, for a writer it’s a canvas upon which new worlds and stories can unfold.

If your child writes beyond their years and reads like there is no tomorrow, then this class is the one for them.

In Writer’s Workshop, students in Years 2 to 4 will learn how to become an author. They will be guided through every step of the writer’s process including how to brainstorm, plan, write, edit, and publish.

Students will have the opportunity to explore a number of genres including comics, non-fiction books, narratives, and picture books.

By the end of the term, each student will have published their very own book.

Up and Atom | Prep - Year 4

“Why is the sky blue?”

This is one of many questions that we will answer in our new science class, Up and Atom.

Here students will develop an understanding and love for all things science, from biology to physics.

Pupils from Prep to Year 4, will learn about how the world works through a variety of engaging science experiments and investigations. All learning exercises will be designed to prompt problem-solving, analytical thinking and a curiosity to unravel and understand the complexity of our world. Big picture thinking will be encouraged along with a trial-and-error approach to solving problems.

The Numbers Game | Years 2 - 4

In today’s world, numbers are everywhere.

In the Numbers Game, students from Years 2 to 4, will develop numerical solutions to real-world problems and projects.

Each student enrolled will have the opportunity to complete a series of hands-on, open-ended maths projects, that draw on their own prior knowledge and experience, coupled with their new problem-solving strategies to improve their ability to think in numbers.

The coursework will be designed to cater to a wide variety of year levels. All students enrolled will demonstrate their learning through the planning, design, and completion of various maths projects throughout the term.

Kids in the Kitchen | Years 2 - 4

Cooking is one of life’s most important skill sets.

In our cooking class, Kids in the Kitchen, students in Years 2 to 4 will share and explore a variety of different foods with friends. Our little chefs will develop an understanding of measurements, recipes, basic cooking skills, teamwork, and a sense of community.

Each and every student will be encouraged to cook up dishes for family and friends to enjoy.By the end of the term, students will have demonstrated their learning by writing and reflecting on their cooking journey in their recipe journal.

Legends of Literature | Prep - Year 4

Here students will learn the ABCs of storytelling.

In our Legends of Literature class, students across our Junior School will have the opportunity to ignite their love of literature and reading by exploring a range of authors and genres.

Throughout the term, students will develop an understanding of the various aspects of storytelling, including;

language, world-building and character development. Students will also develop both analytical skills and the confidence to express their interpretations of various texts to the wider group.

The focus of the class will be on understanding the foundations of literature to better question and discuss the hidden meanings that lie within every novel. The goal of this class as a whole is to inspire a love of reading within each and every student.

The Art of Craft | Prep - Year 4

Art is in the eye of the beholder.

It is also one of the first forms of self-expression that children learn.

If your child enjoys arts, crafts, and design then this class is the place for them.

In our Art of Craft class, pupils across our Junior School will be given a blank canvas and innovative materials to express themselves through crafting various works of art. Imagination and creativity will be fostered and nurtured within all students, as they learn the foundations of art and how best to express their vision. The goal of this class is to inspire a lifelong love and passion for art.