Excellence in Music

Music plays a central role in the educational and cultural life of Peninsula Grammar.

Students enjoy a broad range of musical experiences from the Junior Years Music Program to VCE in formal settings, to the flourishing instrumental and vocal programs and the less formal House music and performances.

Hear why our students love Peninsula Grammar

Music is indeed a universal language from which we can all learn so much. Our music program is taught with a passion which is shared by students and teachers alike.

Overwhelming evidence shows that music enhances the developmental pathways of children in many ways. At Peninsula Grammar we invest heavily and unashamedly in our Music program. Music not only develops new skills, but also consolidates skills learned in other areas of the curriculum. Gross and fine motor skills consolidate coordination, rhythm and pitch assist with language development, music theory improves literacy, and ensemble music promotes collaborative social interaction and leadership skills.

Instrumental and vocal lessons help students develop individual learning strategies. Music technology complements e-learning throughout the School.

teacher profiles

Dr Richard Vaudrey - Head of Ensemble and Studio Music

“This really is the only place to be for music education that is relevant, excellent and inspiring.”

When Dr Richard Vaudrey, Head of Ensemble and Studio Music, re-designed the Studio and Ensemble Music Program at Peninsula Grammar he had two clear objectives: make it excellent and make it relevant.

Whilst preserving the great benefits of musical tradition, music needs to inspire and exist in the community and in the mind of a student as a relevant part of today’s culture.


Our spectacular Peninsula Grammar Presents Concert Series continues to impress audiences with its diversity and stunning performances. The 2023 Peninsula Grammar Presents is a series of 8 concerts over the year by exceptionally talented local and international guests held in our Performing Arts Centre. Once again, we have access to the highest level of artistic inspiration throughout the year.

The 2023 line-up includes Xani, The Stash, Kekosan & The Cuban Sounds, Jude Perl, Mikelangelo, The Shackmen, THNDO and Eliza Sheppard.

The Concert Series complements our Music program with many performers giving masterclasses where our students gain invaluable tips on technique and insights into the music industry.