Pre Senior School

Pre Senior School

Challenging Me

Year 9

Our innovative “Challenging Me” program is based on extensive research on how best to cater for the needs of adolescent learners. In Year 9, our students are taught by a dedicated team of teachers who work collaboratively to develop curriculum, teaching and learning resources.

'Challenging ME' program

Peninsula Grammar’s Pre Senior program, Challenging Me, recognises the need to engage Year 9 students differently. In this critical year level where students make the crucial transition from the Middle School to the Senior School program, learning is relevant, relationships are supportive and our students develop life-long learning skills and a curiosity for self-discovery.

The program is centred around our Challenge Blocks which see our students step outside both the traditional classroom and their personal comfort zone and turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’. A coherent program incorporates student experience with classroom practice, making student learning relevant and engaging.



Year 9 at Peninsula Grammar is an exciting time for our students. Our innovative Challenging Me program is based on extensive research on how best to cater for the needs of adolescent learners.

PRE SENIOR curriculum

In Year 9 students study a core group of subjects. Students also select elective subjects.

Core Subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Big Picture Learning
  • Physical Education

The Year 9 and 10 elective programs provides two distinct opportunities for students: breadth and pathways to further study. Elective subjects at Year 9 are offered to all students; no pre-requisites exist. Similarly, there are no pre-requisites for any Year 10 electives with the qualified exception of French. As such, students are encouraged to select subjects based on their interests and passions.

Big Picture Learning

Big Picture Learning (BPL) is a multidisciplinary course encompassing Science, Humanities (Geography and History), Religion and Values Education, and Health. BPL brings the excitement of the Year 9 Program, particularly the Challenge Blocks, into the classroom. It provides meaningful connections between disciplines and allows students to apply their learning to the outside world.

Challenge Blocks

The Challenge Blocks complement our multi-disciplinary curriculum of Big Picture Learning which incorporates Science, Humanities, Religious Studies and Health. Students will choose topics of interest before they attend the Challenge Blocks. Research will be undertaken during the blocks and then presented on their return to school.