Understanding why
Maths matters

We aim to make Mathematics more interesting and easier by showing students how they interact with Mathematics in almost all areas of their everyday lives.


Mathematics provides a framework for using symbolic communication to solve problems in an objective and logical manner. Mathematics at Peninsula Grammar provides opportunities for students to develop their mathematical skills to enable them to engage as productive members of an increasingly technological community.

The Mathematics Department at Peninsula Grammar is staffed by professional, educated teachers who exude excellence and actively encourage all students to participate in the worthwhile and challenging mathematical learning experiences before them. The department recognises and acknowledges the wide range of student abilities and endeavours to build in each student the confidence to make effective use of mathematical ideas, techniques and processes that take into account their many needs and aspirations and aim to maximise each students own potential.


Elements that are crucial to the mathematics program at all levels at Peninsula Grammar include:

  • Direct, explicit teacher instruction
  • Sequential and rigorous curriculum to promote the attainment of personal excellence
  • Independent student learning skills and strategies
  • Differentiated learning, including lunchtime support sessions and embedded enrichment opportunities
  • Mathematical reasoning and problem solving

EXPLORE OUR mathematics

Junior school

Mathematics in the Junior School immerses students in learning experiences that promote collaboration, real life connections and the use of concrete materials to conceptualise their understanding and build strong foundations in numeracy.

Middle & Pre Senior school

As students move through the Middle School they will continue to practice their foundations in numeracy and be introduced to more complex ideas from the Victorian Curriculum, such as algebra. Students will learn mathematics in Years 7 & 8 in single gender classrooms and have access to enrichment work, including participation in external offerings such as Maths Olympiad and the Australian Maths Competition.

In the Pre-Senior School students will be introduced to Computer Algebra Systems (CAS) calculator technology that will assist to deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts and afford more opportunities for analysis and application of their basic skills to solve real world problems.

Senior School

Students in Year 10 will choose their mathematical pathway towards VCE and engage in a level of mathematics appropriate to their journey from General Mathematics, Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics. Their choices will be guided by their teachers and their learning experience to ensure they have flexibility for university choices, coupled with the chance to succeed in their chosen mathematics.