School TV  |  October 5, 2023



We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ms. Amy Vocale as our Director of Teaching and Learning, effective from the beginning of 2024. Amy currently holds the position of Director of Studies – Learning at Emmanuel College on the Gold Coast.

With her extensive experience in Curriculum, Assessment, and Learning, Amy has built an illustrious career that stands as a testament to her commitment to education. Her depth of knowledge and expertise makes her the perfect fit to guide our comprehensive teaching and learning programs from K to 12.

Amy’s enthusiasm about this new role is palpable. She is keenly looking forward to leading and inspiring both our teachers and students, helping them strive for and achieve their personal academic goals. Her passion for learning is not only evident in her professional accomplishments but also in her vision for the future of our School.

We are truly fortunate to have someone of Amy’s calibre join our community, and I am confident that under her leadership, our teaching and learning endeavours will reach new heights.

Please join me in warmly welcoming Amy Vocale to our Peninsula Grammar community. We eagerly await the positive changes and growth that her presence will undoubtedly bring.

Mr. Stuart Johnston

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