Learning now for a sustainable future

At Peninsula Grammar we value our environment and believe in the need to minimise our impact on the world to ensure the sustainability of the future.

We empower all to contribute
to a sustainable life

We are a ResourceSmart school, a Victorian Government initiative that helps schools benefit from embedding sustainability across campus, curriculum, community and culture.

We are an environmentally conscious school, that actively engages and inspires all to develop a more sustainable environment by promoting best practice. This includes introducing exemplary practices in waste management, water and energy consumption and the promotion of biodiversity throughout the campus.

The concept of teaching ‘sustainability’ is fundamental for students to understand the ways in which environmental, social and economic systems interact to support and maintain human life.

Our students are encouraged to critically examine the diversity of views and values that influence sustainable development and practice. Our curriculum provides students with the opportunity to participate individually and collectively in programs that will help to establish more sustainable ways of living.

The Peninsula Grammar community strongly supports a sustainable environment. With the aim of our school being more sustainable, we have:

  • Established a Sustainability Syndicate for staff
  • Completed So-Eco Sustainability Review with recommendations
  • Activated Nude Food Day/Waste Free Wednesdays/Gardening Club
  • Attended Kids Teaching Kids conferences
  • Established a Student Green Team for students (PACT – Peninsula Action Against Climate Change Team)
  • Completed a Waste Stream Assessment with students
  • Successfully facilitated a whole school community engagement survey
  • Re-introduced composting and recycling in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC)
  • Introduced waste sorting bins across the School.