This really is the only place to be for music education that is relevant, excellent and inspiring.
Please view our Music Calendar 2019 - our students have many opportunities to perform during the year.

Excellence in Music

When Dr Richard Vaudrey, Head of Ensemble and Studio Music, re-designed the Studio and Ensemble Music Program at Peninsula Grammar he had two clear objectives: make it excellent and make it relevant. Whilst preserving the great benefits of musical tradition, music needs to inspire and exist in the community and in the mind of a student as a relevant part of today's culture.

By shifting learning towards 'content creation', utilising technologies to write, arrange, record and produce from early in the child's development, an inspired well-rounded musician is formed. Combine that with our array of ensembles from jazz groups, stage bands, acappella choirs, symphony orchestras and a calendar full of performance opportunities alongside world class performers and staff members, there isn't a better place to be for excellent music.

Music Program

Overwhelming evidence shows that music enhances the developmental pathways of children in many ways. At Peninsula Grammar we invest heavily and unashamedly in our Music program. Music not only develops new skills, but also consolidates skills learned in other areas of the curriculum. Gross and fine motor skills consolidate coordination, rhythm and pitch assist with language development, music theory improves literacy, and ensemble music promotes collaborative social interaction and leadership skills. Instrumental and vocal lessons help students develop individual learning strategies. Music technology complements e-learning throughout the School.

Music plays a central role in the educational and cultural life of Peninsula Grammar. Students enjoy a broad range of musical experiences from the Junior Years Music Program to VCE in formal settings, to the flourishing instrumental and vocal programs, the less formal House Music and Performing Arts evenings, and the recently introduced Battle of the Bands.

Prep to Year 6 students receive a strong musical foundation through a weekly Classroom Music program and music-related incursions. In-class concerts, in which students create their own works, are an integral part of the Music program. Our students can also choose to undertake individual instrumental lessons.

Key Features
The Year 2 Strings Program is incredibly popular with our budding musicians who each learn the violin, viola or cello over a Semester. At home practice strongly supports their learning in class which culminates in a group performance at an end of semester Junior Years assembly.
Following on from the Year 2 Strings Program, students are invited to join the violin and cello ensemble known as Corelli Strings, in Year 3. They rehearse once per week as an Ensemble, covering many aspects of string playing technique, whilst preparing for regular performances within the School.
Years 4 to 6 students can choose to join Paganini Strings including the violin, viola, cello and double bass. They also rehearse weekly and participate in ensemble playing using junior string orchestra material. Our Choral music program is extremely popular with Years 3 and 4 students participating in the Strauss choir and Years 4 to 6 students in the Britten Choir.
The Year 5 Band program sees all Year 5 students learn an instrument - many choosing an instrument they have not learnt before. The program culminates in an exciting end of year performance in front of peers, family and friends. Many students continue to refine their skills and may join the Grainger Band, our beginner ensemble for wind, brass and percussion players. The School also has a Junior Flute Ensemble.
For our more experienced musicians, we have Senior and Junior Percussion Ensembles, a Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band and Stage Band. There are also a number of smaller ensembles, including Jazz Flutes and Cello Ensemble. The Chorus (open entry) and Prelude (entry by audition) cater for students who enjoy singing.
In the Middle Years, Pre Senior Year and Senior Years the combination of traditional classroom music with music technology ensures that students are being offered a 21st century music education that is both stimulating and relevant to their needs. It is for this reason that we have many Senior Years students choose to study Music at VCE.
Directed by Dr Richard Vaudrey, the department presents over 30 concerts per year including the incredibly popular Peninsula Grammar Presents concert series which brings leading artists from around Australia and the world to our very own Performing Arts Centre on campus.

Music Tuition

At Peninsula Grammar, students have opportunities to learn an instrument, or voice, from qualified, specialist teachers throughout their school career. We are dedicated to the advancement of musical teaching technologies and also offer tuition and training in a number of different music platforms and products. Weekly lessons are taught as a withdrawal from class within the school day and are subject to a fee. Instruments are available for hire from the School also for a nominal fee.

Join our Community Choir

Everyone is welcome, it's a casual approach, so please join us even if couldn't make it to our first rehearsal, you can join us at any time. No cost, no audition, no pressure, just bring your voice ready to sing and have fun! 

Anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to join our Community Choir.

The Community Choir only runs during term time in the Lewington Room, Performing Arts Centre, from 7.30pm-9.00pm each Tuesday evening.

For further information please contact Vicki Maclachlan via email.