Student Wellbeing

Our Student Services Wellbeing Team works across the School to develop initiatives to enhance health and positive engagement in order for each student to thrive.  

The Wellbeing team includes our school counselors, educational psychologists, careers advisers, medical staff, special education teachers and our Boarding House supervisors.

We believe an effective approach to wellbeing involves:

  • ensuring that students have a sense of safety, security and wellbeing;
  • building self-worth, confidence and responsibility;
  • developing in students an understanding of their physical, emotional and personal development;
  • engendering respect and tolerance for difference;
  • cultivating student leadership opportunities;
  • engaging students in appropriate career and vocational experiences;
  • nurturing resilience in students;
  • developing positive social relationships and interpersonal skills.

For more information please contact our Head of Wellbeing, Mrs Lyn Bylart