Positive Education

Positive Psychology is the scientific study of how to live a healthy, happy, and meaningful life. At Peninsula Grammar, our Positive Education K-12 scope and sequence incorporates programs and evidence-based research by leading international experts in social and emotional literacy and wellbeing, including Professor Toni Noble (ACU), Professor Helen McGrath (Deakin, RMIT), Professor Carol Dweck (Stanford University), Professor John Hattie (University of Melbourne), and Ron Ritchhart (Harvard University), as well as research-based organisations such as VIA Institute on Character, MindUp Foundation, the New Economics Foundation, Berkeley's Greater Good Science Centre and New York University's Character Lab.

Applying this evidence-based knowledge in practical and relevant ways within a school environment enables our students to LEARN . GROW . FLOURISH.

In 2020, our theme at Peninsula Grammar is ‘Courage and Kindness’.  

Courage is different for every person, and there is no courage without fear.  

Courage can mean stepping up, even when we feel afraid, to speak in front of the class; to try something new; to stand up for someone else; and to do the right thing. 

It can take courage to speak the truth, and to feel vulnerable, and it can also take courage to listen to someone else who may have a different perspective. 

When we use courage with kindness, we remind ourselves to use empathy to try to understand how someone else may be feeling or thinking. 

This can help us to build healthy relationships and to learn and develop these strengths. 

An age-appropriate scope and sequence of Positive Education and Wellbeing has been developed across the whole school. Students are taught important skills and strategies that build on each other to ensure they develop social, emotional and wellbeing literacy.

A brief overview of key topics are:

Junior Years: emotional literacy, basic values of friendship, courage, kindness, optimism and no bullying.

Middle Years: Positive Psychology science, mindfulness, strengths, relationships, positive bodies and media literacy.

Pre Senior Year: benefit mindset, accepting challenges and personal accountability.

Senior Years: making mature decisions, managing stress and anxiety in a positive way, leadership and purpose.

Our Positive Education department has a library of books available for loan and can be accessed at any time to answer questions about this field.