Principal’s Blog  |  October 21, 2021

Principal’s Update〡The new dawn

Today marks the end of a long journey, a path unlike any ever walked in our history, yet as every journey ends, a new one begins, and for that we must be grateful.

At the end of a very challenging week, we begin walking confidently into our tomorrow. Yet we do so with an understanding of the uncertainty around us, but a willingness to adapt to it and a shared commitment to continue heading toward the horizon.

It goes without saying, while we have all walked this journey together, we have had different corners to navigate, different mountains to climb, and different emotions to manage.

I want to take this opportunity, on the dawn of this new day, to thank every member of our community, for your understanding, for your patience, and for your genuine appreciation of the School’s efforts to manage this period in our history.

For those of you who reached out with offers of support, and genuine care, I thank you.

For those who expressed their gratitude to the teaching staff for their tireless endeavours, thank you.

For those of you who sought clarification, so as to know the facts and help our community better understand them, thank you.

There is no doubt, that there exists exhaustion within us all, and it is my hope that over this weekend, with restrictions lifted and new freedoms found, that you can find solace in the sunshine.

I look forward to next week and welcoming every student back to the School as we step into our staggered start.

Have a peaceful weekend.


Stuart Johnston  |  Principal

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