Principal’s Blog  |  October 11, 2022

Principal’s Update〡Spring

As the mornings lighten and the weather warms, the days bring with them the opportunity for renewal and reflection.

As we prepare for the final term of this academic year, we would do well to think of the goals we set at the start of it and recalibrate accordingly.

So much of what we achieve is built on the seeds of what it is we sow.

This is the deeply personal journey we each walk, and one that cannot be measured, nor should it be defined, by others.

This is true of our Year 12 as they begin to reap the rewards of a long and winding learning journey, not just in this year, but in all the years preceding.

The farmer does not only rely on hope, the farmer is strategic, he is calculated, and he is resolute. He toils the soil, he feeds it, and nurtures it, well before he plants anything in it.

But when the time is right, when he has done enough, the seed is planted.

The design of the farmer, the considerations he gives to his work, are ultimately what will enable him to prosper, but he cannot ignore, or he does so at his peril, the elements, the uncontrollable entities that move against him; he must give thought to these, for this is where the true battle lies, within him.

The question:

How can he, how will he, keep the faith and believe in his work, when so much comes down to the elements?

The answer:

He must focus on the plan he laid down for himself, he must remain committed to his cause, he must swivel, and he must manoeuvre, but above all else, he must never lose faith.

Stuart Johnston



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