Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Embracing the great outdoors

The Outdoor Education program at Peninsula Grammar provides life-changing experiences for students in Years 2 to 10.


Whether scaling the cliffs at Mt Arapiles, rafting on the Murray River, hiking at Wilsons Promontory or sea kayaking across the Gippsland Lakes, students are immersed in a world where technology takes a back-seat as they begin to rely on themselves and support from friends to accomplish great things. In this busy world it is sometimes easier to communicate with text messages or via Facebook, to take the easy option instead of the right option, to look after ourselves before considering how our behaviour affects others.

During each Outdoor Education camp students are encouraged to willingly embrace challenge in the pursuit of personal growth. They learn how to communicate more effectively and build stronger relationships. They see first-hand how their decisions impact upon those around them. They experience the incredible sense of accomplishment that only comes through conquering one’s fears. With highly skilled instructors, carefully selected activities and the skilful use of perceived risk our students are able to acquire knowledge that is unattainable within the four walls of the classroom. By anchoring all programs to the themes of respect for self, others and the environment our students learn to make responsible decisions regarding their own health and safety, be mindful of the needs of others and become considerate global citizens.

The Outdoor Education program at Peninsula Grammar contributes significantly to our commitment to nurturing the whole child. It offers:

  • Challenge: It takes students out of their comfort zones and encourages sensible risk taking
  • Personal Development: It promotes resilience, initiative, self esteem, motivation, self-reliance
  • Responsibility: It encourages students to take responsibility for themselves, classmates and the environment
  • Leadership: It helps to develop leadership skills in students in a different type of environment
  • Teamwork: It creates opportunities for relationship building, problem solving, respecting differences, communication and social skills
  • Environmental: It brings students into contact with nature and teaches minimum impact practices – locally and globally
  • Health: It promotes healthy lifestyle choices

Camp Program Outline

At Peninsula Grammar we value the outdoors for the richness of the learning experience it provides. Students attend age-appropriate camps, ranging from a sleepover at School in Year 2 to a ‘get to know you’ camp at the start of Year 5, the annual Year 6 Study Tour to Canberra and a two-week wilderness camp in Year 9.

In the Middle, Pre Senior and Senior Years, the Outdoor Education Program is sequential in nature, building on the skills developed in previous years.