Middle School

Middle School

Becoming Me

Year 5 to Year 8

Our unique Middle School program, “Becoming Me” provides a supportive link between the Junior School and Pre Senior School (Year 9). The unique needs of young adolescent students at this age are identified and catered for in a tailored program designed explicitly to support students through a time of exceptional physical, social and emotional growth.

'BECOMING Me' program


Peninsula Grammar introduced the Becoming Me program at the beginning of 2016. Designed to meet the needs of the 21st century learner, the program is centred on the growth and successful development of every child.

Embedded within a unique curriculum, the program is structured to develop global citizens, enhancing our students understanding of self and society intertwined through collaborative projects, real-life experiences and shared learning journeys.

We value Social Science and STEM in equal measure, we innovate and we create, we hold on to the components of learning that we know work and we pride ourselves on continually evolving.

Students of the 21st century need to be prepared, challenged and inspired to be the very best learner they can be.


The Important Life Stages of Year 7


In Year 7, the Becoming Me program continues to provide curriculum that addresses the specific needs of our students during this important life stage. In this year, we introduce single gender classes for the core subjects of Mathematics and English with all other subjects remaining coeducational. In addition, for students who have demonstrated proficiency in Mathematics and English, enrichment is provided in a coeducational class to allow for continued extension and facilitate growth and success.


In 2020 our focus for all students is one of growth. Personal growth is different for each individual and can include but is not limited to academic growth. Students in Years 5 to 8 will undertake a series of English and Mathematics tests to develop an objective external measure of their reading, writing, numeracy skills and general aptitude that can then be tracked periodically throughout their schooling. This will provide teachers and students with a clearer understanding of the progress students are making in the development of their key literacy and numeracy skills, and will enable teachers to better personalise learning experiences throughout the year to match every student’s needs.


Throughout the Middle School students have weekly lessons in the science of positive psychology and how to live a healthy, fulfilling and productive life. This includes a basic
understanding of how the brain works and the biology of emotions, stress and decision making. Each term has a different theme and parents receive an email outlining the key focus of student learning.

MIDDLE School curriculum

In the Middle School students study a core group of subjects (English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, Physical Education and Health, and Religion and Values Education). At the beginning of Year 7 students choose a language (French or Chinese) which they will study for two years after which it becomes an elective in Year 9. Students who choose not to study a language in Year 9 have the option of Commerce and other electives. In Year 5 and 6, students study one semester each of Chinese and French. In Year 7 and 8 students undertake a core creative arts program involving Music, Drama, Art and Design, Food Technology and MakerSpace.


A comprehensive wellbeing program has been designed to suit the developmental needs of all Middle School Students. At this stage of the lifespan, peer relationships become increasingly important, however navigating the social landscape can be challenging at times. In the Middle School we have carefully selected programs and guest speakers that will help build positive peer relationships by giving all student critical social and emotional skills. The curriculum is based around a collection of evidence informed programs, such as: beyondblue, The Men We Need, Beautiful, Department of Education Get Ready and Safe Schools Hub. A variety of experts will also be engaged to provide current information to students about relevant topics.


Download the Middle School Handbook 2022 (PDF) and learn more about our Becoming Me program.

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