Junior School

Discovering Me

Prep to Year 4

In the Junior School we have a relentless focus on explicit teaching and high expectations for each student. Our centre piece is the essential interaction between teacher, student, and curriculum that creates the basis of authentic learning. We foster a strong sense of community and inspire our students to be collaborators, researchers, communicators and thinkers.

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‘Discovering Me’ program

Our Discovering Me program has a strong 21st century curriculum focused on the growth of every individual to ensure each child experiences success on their learning journey. The Junior School Curriculum is developed to promote curiosity, collaboration, creativity and a love of learning. Through engaging inquiry based learning experiences our children learn, grow and flourish.



The Junior School Curriculum is designed to promote curiosity, collaboration, creativity and a love of learning. Through engaging, inquiry based learning experiences our children learn, grow and flourish.


Our Positive Education program supports social and emotional growth. Through acts of gratitude and optimism, we develop their skills of resilience and happiness. Students are explicitly taught important skills such as curiosity, emotion regulation, resilience, critical thinking and communication. We believe that students learn best when they adopt a positive growth mind-set which enhances classroom performance.


Our approach to English in the Junior School aims to foster a love a language and literature. We develop a strong sense of reading engagement early, promoting this through explicit instruction and exploration of a variety of texts through our library program. We aim to instill strong comprehension strategies in our students to equip them with the skills to understand and to be critical thinkers of texts at a deeper level. Understanding of writing structure and language features is essential and we develop this whilst providing students with opportunities to grow their creativity and love of writing. Our goal is to nurture confident and articulate communicators in a 21st century environment.


The foundations of our Mathematics program is based around providing learning opportunities that promote students’ conceptual understanding, fluency, problem solving and reasoning. Junior School students are immersed in Mathematical learning experiences that promote collaboration, real life connections and the use of concrete materials and technology to conceptualise their understanding.


Our Inquiry Learning is developed through the principles of Kath Murdoch. Students are introduced to an idea, topic or issue that provides them with opportunities for them to wonder. This drives their interest to understand the world around them. Throughout their learning, students continue to question, reflect and make connections to construct their own meaning. Inquiry Learning enables students to direct their own learning whilst being guided by their teacher. Students have opportunities to reflect on their learning to think of ways to make a difference. Each Inquiry Learning Unit has cross-curriculum connections to ensure deeper understanding.


The wellbeing program in the Early years aims to build the social and emotional literacy in children. Evidence-based programs have been selected to help teach children how to identify and manage their feelings whilst also learning important social skills so they can learn to get along with others.