Principal’s Blog  |  October 27, 2023


As we walk towards the conclusion of another successful academic year, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the memories made and traditions upheld over the past few months; the talismans that make our School what it is. It never ceases to surprise me how time comes around so quickly that farewelling the Year 12 students seems to happen so quickly, and for our families this milestone brings with it many mixed emotions.

We pride ourselves on the care we provide for our Graduates, and while farewelling them is always tinged with sadness, it is filled with pride for their accomplishments and the possibilities for their future. What remains resolute, is that they will forever remain part of the fabric of our School, woven together by the years they spent here, growing, learning, and laughing together. I extend my sincere and earnest thoughts for a successful exam period for every student in the Graduating Class of 2023.

I spoke in the investiture ceremony, the place in between the end and the new beginning, of the corridor of life – that as one door closes, another opens. And so it was that a new cohort of leaders stepped into their final year of learning at the School. This ceremony is not simply about handing out badges, it is about the imperative of actions over words, of not always being the loudest voice, but being the most purposeful listener. I congratulate our Prefects, and I commend the Class of 2024, for their approach to the exam period and the beginning of HeadStart.

While we may feel as though the end is imminent, yet we would do well to remember that we must finish what we started, and finish it strong. I implore all of our students to maintain their focus, to prepare diligently for their final weeks of learning, and most of all, to continue enjoying their journey at their school.

Thank you to every member of our community who helped make these past few weeks of celebration so purposeful and powerful for our students – that their memories of their school will remain fond, and their futures bright because they are Peninsula Grammarians.


Mr. Stuart Johnston 

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