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From an evening filled with an amalgamation of bright colours, heartfelt performances, and infectious energy, a reminder of the importance of living life to its fullest resonated throughout our Ansett Hall. The latest rendition of the Junior School Mini Musical, a tradition we hold dear, served as a beautiful testament to the vibrant spirit of our students and the joy of living.

As I watched the performance, I was moved by the sheer joy and pure enthusiasm our young students brought on stage. Each note sung, each dance move, each line uttered, oozed with an energy that filled the auditorium. Their gleaming faces, bright with anticipation and excitement, was a sight to behold, encapsulating the magic of the evening in a beautiful, living tableau.

In such moments, it’s clear: life is for living. This is not an original sentiment, of course. The British singer-songwriter Passenger beautifully captured this sentiment in his song, “Life’s for the Living.” In his lyrics, he urges us to “Don’t you cry for the lost / Smile for the living / Get what you need and give what you’re given / Life’s for the living so live it”.

Our students, unwittingly perhaps, were the living embodiment of Passenger’s profound words. Despite their age, they reminded everyone present that it’s the simple joys, the uninhibited expressions of creativity, and the unabashed pursuit of one’s passions, that truly make life worth living.

And what an important lesson this is, especially in times of adversity. In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to succumb to negativity and become mired in worry. We often forget to appreciate the now, to live in the present moment, to embrace the colours of life that are unfolding before us.

Yet, if we take a step back, we find the world is still brimming with opportunities for joy and growth. There are countless occasions for us to learn, to evolve, to create, and to celebrate. To sing, dance, and laugh. To live.

Optimism is not a blind disregard for life’s hardships, but a conscious choice to focus on its beauty and potential. It’s a perspective that empowers us to see beyond the grey clouds, towards the vibrant colours of the dawn that await us.

As the mini musical wrapped up, applause filling the air, it was evident that this lesson was not lost on our audience. The message had been well received. Every face in the crowd mirrored the positivity that the children had demonstrated on stage. It was as if the auditorium was filled with newfound optimism, a reaffirmation of choosing life, choosing to live it fully, passionately, and optimistically.

The energy of that night will remain a testament to the power of positivity and the importance of choosing life. A celebration of the resilience of the human spirit, it served as a beautiful reminder that indeed, “Life’s for the living so live it.”

So, here’s to embracing life, to choosing optimism, to seeing the world in vibrant colours, and most importantly, to our students, the wonderful young individuals who reminded us of this invaluable lesson. Their joy, their energy, and their passion – that’s what life is truly about.

Stuart Johnston


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