Students have every opportunity to excel in their chosen sport at Peninsula Grammar.

Peninsula Grammar has an enviable reputation in sport.

Our aim is to develop well-rounded students that are committed to their individual health and participation in physical activity. 

Sport creates opportunity for all, encouraging multisport participation in a fun, engaging and progressively challenging atmosphere. 

We offer quality coaching at all age levels and develop fundamental skills that can transfer between sports. 

Students don't have to be brilliant at competitive sport to enjoy its benefits. Camaraderie, teamwork, school spirit, leadership opportunities, discipline and lifelong friendships are founded in our sports program. 

We inspire a generation of students who love sport. 

Our Junior Years boasts an exciting Physical Education program that offers broad physical activities that aim to provide each child with an understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, making sound nutritional choices and establishing a lifelong involvement in sport.

This approach flows through to our Middle Years Physical Education program in Years 5-6 as we prepare our students for the Years 7-12 AGSV Saturday Sport competition. Years 5 and 6 students are challenged to build on their skills in a variety of game situations that are then further extended in the sport program. 

The sports program combines House sport, AGSV sport and varying levels of sport within the Victorian Primary Schools Sports Framework.