School TV  |  March 8, 2023

International Women’s Day

The voice of yesterday, the voice of today, and the voice of the future, are recognised on this day, as we strive for an equal world.

Today is not so much about who uses their voice, as it is about who listens to it.

As a proud co-educational school, we celebrate the women in our community (staff, students and mothers) for the contributions they have made to the Peninsula story.

We honour every woman, for their strength, their service and their determination to advocate for a world of equality – for equal voice, equal pay, equal opportunity and an equal number of seats at the table.

My mother was born in 1930, the child of a public servant. She instilled in all her children the importance of an unfailing work ethic, of always being kind, being respectful and working hard.

These attributes, the core of her character, have never altered despite the tragedies and struggles she faced. My mother remained true to her word: always kind, always respectful, always working hard.

As we begin to turn the pages of a story defined by an equal society, let us remember the sage words of a woman born in between two world wars, when food was scarce, jobs were for men and voting was not a right for women.

My mother’s words ring true as much today as they did over a half a century ago.

What we need to do now, and we must all unrelentingly pursue, is equity for all.

The hard work does not stop today, nor the kindness or the respect, it serves only to make us stronger to build a more just society.

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