We are proud of the education we provide our students at Peninsula Grammar and know that we build confident, accomplished and globally-minded individuals.

We are a community-minded school that values diversity, celebrates individuality and welcomes everyone.

Our International Scholarship Program, for Vietnamese students, offers a waiver of two years' tuition.

The Scholarship is for students with proven academic excellence and high-level English language proficiency. The value of two years' tuition is approximately A$70,000.

This scholarship is normally for students currently in Year 10 studying at a Gifted High School in Vietnam; for a position in Years 11 and 12 in the Victorian Certificate of Education.

 Students in Year 11 will also be considered for a position in Year 12 in 2020. Students not attending schools for the Gifted may also be considered. Students should have completed at least Year 10 in Vietnam before they begin to study in Australia in January 2020.

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