Principal’s Blog  |  November 6, 2020

From the Principal


There exist thousands of research papers, careers built on marketing the complex notion and an illusiveness born of the challenges of day to day life, that make the allure of perspective irresistible. Yet in the common hour, in the daily repetition of an isolation born of an omnipotent force it is hard to find and try to maintain our perspective.

This week has not been an easy one, this past month has been a struggle, and the year, despite only being at the halfway mark, has been exhausting. We share these feelings as a community, we may not talk about them with others, but it is unequivocal that this storm has battered our sails and tested our endurance.

So how do we glean perspective when uncertainty abounds and how do we embrace a reality we never dreamed could confront us?


We give ourselves the one gift that this battering has provided us: time. Time to change the way we see our place in the world. Time to think about our purpose and our power therein. Time to make sense of the things we can control and let go of those we cannot.

I encourage you, this day, and every day, to find a different angle with which to view your world and consider how you will use the gift of time to harness the possibilities you discover.


Mr. Stuart Johnston, Principal

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