Principal’s Blog  |  June 10, 2021

Principal’s Update〡Courage


As we come to the end of our fourth lockdown, I encourage our community to reflect upon their resolve and recognise their resilience. That our courage as a community is born of lived experience and the learnings of our past.

To the children of our school, I extend my immense gratitude, for your endeavour. You are growing up in a strange time, where days, weeks and months of uncertainty will continue to test your courage and challenge your commitment to your learning. And while I can understand many of the challenges you have faced, I seek to further understand how these past few weeks have made you feel, and ask that you talk freely when you get to school about the fears you have and the worries you carry.

To the parents of our school, thank you. These past few weeks have tested us again, yet in doing so they have taught us that we are ready, and that we can place at the centre of all we do the learning of your child. We know that you have been challenged by the contexts of a confined home, and we implore you to seek support should you need it.

To the teachers of our school, I extend on behalf of our entire community, my sincere gratitude. For all you have done to ensure that the students in your care were seen and heard, that they laughed and that they learnt. Your commitment to your work, your understanding of your purpose, makes this school the unique and exceptional place that it is.

As we come together tomorrow, uniting in our shared commitment to the children of this school, I ask that you take time to reflect on the journey travelled and remember always that true courage is knowing what not to fear, and bravely stepping confidently into that unknown. This is what each day will look like for us in the ensuing weeks, but we have walked this road before, strong in spirit and unyielding in our determination, to always Hold Fast.

I encourage all members of our community to please regularly check the PGS Ready page as we traverse the next stage of this lockdown.


Stuart Johnston

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