Student Blog  |  March 13, 2020

Boys Boarding House Captain: Quoc Hung Nguyen

Boys Boarding House Captain Quoc Hung (Henry) Nguyen reflects on his time at Peninsula Grammar

Peninsula Grammar has transformed my life in a way I never anticipated.

The daily interactions and encouragement from teachers and friends help to create challenges every day, pushing me to exceed personal limits. They care about my feelings, cheer me up, listen and provide support whenever I need it most.

Ultimately, they instill in me a sense of belonging and the Peninsula Grammar pride. That pride enables me to embrace our five core values. It reminds me of holding firm and persistently pursuing my beliefs and values no matter what challenges I face.

As Boys Boarding House Captain, I aim to integrate Peninsula Grammar’s core values into our boarders’ community. Although we all come from diverse cultures and regions with distinctive values and beliefs, we are all proudly part of the Peninsula Grammar community.

Together we learn, grow and flourish!


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