Donations and Bequests

Making your generous donation to Peninsula Grammar

Thank you for giving consideration to financially supporting our school.

Donations and bequests afford friends of the School an opportunity to support their dreams for Peninsula Grammar students and to give an enduring gift that will make a difference well beyond the lifetime of the benefactor.

Peninsula Grammar welcomes donations and bequests of any size and form; including cash, shares, property and valuables. Unrestricted donations or bequests for general purpose are particularly useful as they allow the School to use your gift where it is most needed. However, you may have a particular area of interest or passion that you wish to support. Please be assured that whatever way you may wish your legacy to be used it will be respected and greatly appreciated.

As a guide, previous financial gifts to the School have been designated to our Building Fund and Scholarship Fund. 

It is advisable that you contact the School to discuss any expectations surrounding recognition you may have in making your donation or bequest. For example, some donors have instructed that their donation or bequest remain anonymous, we therefore do not list it when publicising our benefactors. However, other donations and bequests have resulted in the benefactor’s name being attached to a scholarship or, in the case of major donors, the name of a facility on campus.

Please do not hesitate to call our Acting Business Manager Karen Church on +61 3 9788 7706 or email who will readily assist you with any further information regarding your generous financial gift to our school.