Welcome to Peninsula Grammar

Welcome to Peninsula Grammar

Welcome Information

We thank you for entrusting our school with the responsibility of nurturing and teaching your child so that they are ready for the world of tomorrow.

To prepare your child for life at Peninsula Grammar, please read the details below for information on our Uniform Shop, public transport, parent portal, booklists and more.



Operoo is the platform that we use for all parent consent at Peninsula Grammar. Each student is required to have their own personal profile set up. This contains all relevant health, medical and emergency contact information and must be kept up to date. It is important to note that only one primary contact for each student is responsible for the Operoo profile.

Further instructions regarding how to set up your child’s profile shall be sent via email.


Zenith is our learning management system and our main communication tool for staff, students and parents. Zenith is an integral part of our learning community at Peninsula Grammar and allows everyone to access the information relevant to them. Parents are encouraged to access Zenith regularly for school news, calendar events, sport updates and information on many other aspects of our school.

You will receive a notification from the school when your Zenith account has been created, generally a week prior to commencing. This will include your Zenith username. To start using Zenith please login at: zenith.peninsulagrammar.vic.edu.au


Involvement in a musical activity is something that we strongly support. In fact, we believe it is vital to our students’ intellectual, emotional and personal development. Learning an instrument is aligned with improved memory, mathematics, social ability, creativity, reading and comprehension.

As such, many believe that there is no ‘life skill’ more satisfying than being able to play an instrument well. As a parent, your decision to support your child’s musical development is one of the greatest gifts that you can give.

All students are encouraged to study a musical instrument at Peninsula Grammar, including voice. Students can start piano lessons as early as Prep, and from Year 2 onwards they can begin learning other instruments (excluding voice, which begins at Year 4).

Information regarding lesson scheduling will be sent through once timetables are finalised. You will also receive an Operoo request regarding Instrumental Music Enrolment and Lesson Fees towards the end of the year.

If you have any queries regarding music matters, please feel free to contact the Music Department on 9788 7733 or email vmaclachlan@pgs.vic.edu.au.

Music Tuition Application Form 2024   /  here

Half Price Beginner Music Tuition Application Form 2024   /  here


At Peninsula Grammar, sports are central to our aim of developing well-rounded students who are committed to their individual health and active participation in physical activities.

Our sports program creates opportunity for all, encouraging multisport participation in a fun, engaging and progressively challenging atmosphere. We aim to offer quality coaching at all age levels and develop fundamental skills that can transfer between sports.

Students don’t have to be brilliant at competitive sport to enjoy its benefits. Camaraderie, teamwork, school spirit, leadership opportunities, discipline and lifelong friendships are founded in our sports program. Varied experiences provided through the program provide plenty of scope for students to hone skills, explore interests and develop a lifelong commitment to active health.

Students are also provided with an avenue to fulfil their own athletic potential. Our extensive facilities and high standard of sports coaching provides your child with the edge they need to achieve their goals.

We aim to inspire a generation of students who love sport.

For more information please contact Deb Gardener, Director of Sport on 9788 7777 or via email at dgardener@pgs.vic.edu.au, or for all Sport Department communication, please email sport@pgs.vic.edu.au

Sport Information Handbook 2024   /  here


The House system at Peninsula Grammar has long been an integral feature of our School with the names of the six Houses honouring the founders of the School; Ansett, Carr and Newton; the School’s first Headmaster, Clarke and the two original Houses, Town which comprised the students from the ‘town’ (at that time, Frankston) and Country for the students from regional Victoria.

Our six school Houses are:

  • Town (est. 1961) – our blue House, represented by a castle, the symbol of strength
  • Country (est. 1961) – our gold House, represented by a tree, the symbol of knowledge
  • Newton (est. 1965) – our green House (previously New House), represented by a wyvern, a mythical dragon, the symbol of determination
  • Clarke (est. 1976), – our red House (previously Shore House), represented by the leopard, the symbol of courage
  • Ansett (est. 1990) – our purple House, represented by a coronet, the symbol of leadership
  • Carr (est. 1994), our navy House (previously School House), represented by the scales of justice, the symbol of fairness

At Peninsula Grammar, all six House symbols – character strengths – are nurtured in each student. Our school’s House competition is a metaphor for life, as each student needs a combination of these six attributes to pursue their personal excellence.

The House system creates smaller communities where students form a connection and build a sense of belonging regardless of their year level.


If you are interested in learning more about the bus options for students at Peninsula Grammar, please refer to the ‘Bus Services’ page on the Peninsula Grammar website.

You can view the bus information  /  here


  • TERM 1  /  9 weeks  /  Staff Week

Wed 24 Jan  /  Staff Conference Day 1

Thu 25 Jan  /  Staff Conference Day 2

Fri 26 Jan  /  Australia Day Holiday

Mon 29 Jan  /  First Day of School for Prep, Years 5, 7 and 12

Tue 30 Jan  /  Term 1 Commences

Mon 11 Mar  /  Labour Day Holiday

Thu 28 Mar  /  Term 1 Concludes

  • TERM 2  /  10 weeks

Mon 15 Apr  /  Staff Conference Day

Tue 16 Apr  /  Term 2 Commences

Thu 25 Apr  /  ANZAC Day

Mon 10 Jun  /  King’s Birthday

Sat 22 Jun  /  Term 2 Concludes – (After Saturday Sport)

  • TERM 3  /  10 weeks

Mon 15 Jul  /  Staff Conference Day

Tue 16 Jul  /  Term 3 Commences

Fri 20 Sep  /  Term 3 Concludes

  • TERM 4  /  9 weeks  /  Staff Week

Mon 07 Oct  /  Term 4 Commences

Mon 04 Nov  /  Mid-Term Break

Tue 05 Nov  /  Melbourne Cup Day

Wed 06 Nov  /  Staff PD Day

Fri 06 Dec  /  Teaching Program Concludes for Years K-11

Fri 13 Dec  /  Term 4 Concludes for Teaching Staff

  • Public Holidays

Fri 29 Mar  /  Good Friday

Mon 1 Apr  /  Easter Monday

Fri 27 Sep  /  Friday before AFL Grand Final (subject to AFL schedule)