Principal’s Blog  |  March 5, 2021

Principal’s Update | Courage


If courage were a colour what would colour would it be?

A loud red; fierce, and emboldened by the fire within.
A stormy blue; calculated and considered by the calm within.
A soft yellow; persistent and made patient by the quiet within.
A deep green; authentic and enriched by the perspective within.

Should courage be a colour it is worn by each of us, every day, in our uniqueness, in our difference in our wisdom gained by journeys walked and made stronger by struggles overcome.

We are all courageous people; we just wear that courage differently.

As this week draws to a close, as our campers return and as our classes come to an end, please spend time this long weekend contemplating what courage means to you and to yours.

Does it mean choosing to close a door you should not have opened?

Does it mean being a voice for someone who feels they have lost theirs?

Does it mean changing who you surround yourself with to search instead for those more like you?

Talk to your children about the colour of their courage, how they wear it and what it means to show it.

Help them understand that to be courageous is one of the greatest qualities they will ever possess.


Lucy Gowdie
Deputy Principal

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