Teacher Profile  |  February 13, 2020

Teacher Profile • Jasmine Croll

New English teacher Jasmine Croll talks about what drives her as an educator and why she joined Peninsula Grammar.

It is a great joy to see students flourish. I am passionate about introducing students to a variety of literary texts including poetry, prose and drama. There is something really exciting about a class discussion where students fire ideas at each other and start to think more analytically. As educators, we get such a great opportunity to develop wonder in students. We inspire students to reflect more deeply upon their world.

I aim to convey my love of education to students so that they can learn independently and with others, as well as help them to become more open-minded citizens.

I have been a teacher of English, Literature and Humanities since 1999 and have recently completed a Master of Arts in Global Film Studies.

I chose Peninsula Grammar for its dynamic English department and global outlook. I am impressed by the school’s tradition of high academic standards and the fostering of personal growth for all students.

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