Pre Senior Year

Challenging Me - Year 9

Year 9 at Peninsula Grammar is one of the most diverse years here. We prepare students for the rigours of the Senior Years and VCE with a program that extends and challenges, providing students with unique learning opportunities and personal growth.

Challenging and Engaging - Year 9

Peninsula Grammar’s Pre Senior program, Challenging Me, recognises the need to engage Year 9 students differently. In this critical year level where students make the crucial transition from the Middle Years to the Senior Years program, learning is relevant, relationships are supportive and our students develop life-long learning skills and a curiosity for self-discovery. The program is centred around our Challenge Blocks which see our students step outside both the traditional classroom and their personal comfort zone and turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’. A coherent program incorporates student experience with classroom practice, making student learning relevant and engaging.

Challenging and Engaging - Year 9

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