Middle Years

Becoming Me - Year 5 to Year 8

This is a time of significant emotional, social and academic growth. Our Middle Years students have embraced the new Becoming Me program - setting themselves bigger and better challenges.

The Becoming Me Program - Years 5 to 8

Peninsula Grammar introduced the Becoming Me program at the beginning of 2016. Designed to meet the needs of the 21st century learner, the program is centred on the growth and successful development of every child. 

Becoming Me - Middle Years

Embedded within a unique curriculum, the program is structured to develop global citizens, enhancing our students understanding of self and society intertwined through collaborative projects, real-life experiences and shared learning journeys. 

We value Social Science and STEM in equal measure, we innovate and we create, we hold on to the components of learning that we know work and we pride ourselves on continually evolving.

Students of the 21st century need to be prepared, challenged and inspired to be the very best learner they can be.

The Important Life Stages of Year 7

In Year 7, the Becoming Me program continues to provide curriculum that addresses the specific needs of our students during this important life stage. In this year, we introduce single gender classes for the core subjects of Mathematics and English with all other subjects remaining co-educational. In addition, for students who have demonstrated proficiency in Mathematics and English, enrichment is provided in a co-educational class to allow for continued extension and facilitate growth and success

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