Junior Years

Discovering Me - Kinder to Year 4

The foundation of any learning journey begins through developing an understanding of self, society and world. At Peninsula Grammar, we want our Junior Years students to have an innate understanding of who they are, the capacity to view their society in a positive and powerful way and the belief that they can contribute meaningfully and successfully to the world they have inherited.

Discovering Me

Our Discovering Me program has a strong 21st century curriculum focused on the growth of every individual to ensure each child experiences success on their learning journey. The Junior Years Curriculum is developed to promote curiosity, collaboration, creativity and a love of learning. Through engaging inquiry based learning experiences our children learn, grow and flourish.

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Parental Involvement

Parents are welcome and encouraged to help us with early Junior Years shared reading, maths lab and excursions. We balance parental involvement with the need to develop an appropriate level of independence in our children.

The Junior Years prides itself on being an extension of all of our families. We love joining together for special occasions such as Grandparents’ Day, swimming and athletics days, concerts and our many Christmas activities. 

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