Innovation and Technology

The Maker Movement is a vehicle that will allow schools to be part of the necessary return to constructivist education. A movement that will allow students to be creative, innovative, independent and technologically literate; not an “alternative” way to learn, but what modern learning should really look like.

Innovation and Technology

Digital Learning at Peninsula Grammar enhances the meaningful integration of learning between subjects, the curriculum, learning activities/tasks and assessments across the school to individualise learning and allow for student choice and voice. The use of technology amplifies the learning of each student by empowering them to experiment, create and make. Technology is used with learning in mind and as such is used in ways where students are active creators and makers of learning with various technological tools.

Our classroom spaces are equipped with the latest in digital technologies to support our students learning and personal growth. Our innovative approach to learning technologies sees us create a culture around the willingness to embrace new ideas and proactively use technology as the building blocks of current best practice learning and teaching.


Seeing a clear need to help our students develop the skills they will require to flourish at and beyond school, Peninsula Grammar embarked on a journey to develop the dispositional outcomes associated with making.

Using over 10 years of research from Harvard Universities Agency by Design Research Unit we have developed a program where our boys and girls use a framework to look closely, explore complexity and find opportunities. At the heart of our program is this pedagogical framework which sees our students understand how to look closely at objects.

Our purpose-built MakerSpaces is where this learning occurs and links with our classroom learning. Encouraging agency and building character within our boys and girls around making, creating, exploring, inventing and developing helps them to prepare for the future work they will undertake. Making explores the very essence of what it means to be a learner. It is all about curiosity, being playful, a willingness to take risks, a willingness to take responsibility, being persistent, being resourceful, sharing and having optimism. (Edward P. Clapp, n.d.)

Design Thinking

“Design thinking is a process for creative problem solving.”- Coe Leta Stafford, Managing Director IDEO U

Design thinking at Peninsula Grammar is used extensively throughout our learning programs to discover problems to solve through a creative process. Given the importance of creativity, we see design thinking as a key methodology for our students to explore, ideate, prototype and test their ideas using various toolsets, mindsets and skillsets. All students at various stages of their learning journey at Peninsula Grammar will experience the processes and thinking dispositions that are involved with design thinking to explore their own thinking. We believe that all students have the capacity to be creative and here at Peninsula Grammar we help our students reach their own creative potential. Our students develop real world projects by uses various problem definition techniques that will make a genuine impact on others. Challenging our students to take action on their ideas we help them work on problems through an intense immersion process. We encourage them to take creative risks, play, experiment and fail. We co-learn and co-create solutions to help our students be ready for the future work they will undertake.

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