International Experiences

Peninsula Grammar students can choose to explore the world.

French Exchange - When Two Schools ... Appariées

We have a student exchange partnership with Notre-Dame-les-Oiseaux in Paris.

Every two years, Peninsula Grammar students have the exciting opportunity to participate in a French Exchange Program for three weeks, staying for a fortnight with a French host family and touring the significant sites of France. 

Students from Notre-Dame-les-Oiseaux in Paris travel the seas to also spend two weeks abroad, staying with hosts from our Peninsula Grammar community.

On the 10th anniversary of the first exchange between the two schools, the relationship between Notre Dame and Peninsula Grammar was formalised by the French government, the two schools are now officially ‘appariées’.

Other opportunities exist for students of both schools to live and travel overseas. Peninsula Grammar offers a scholarship to students of French in Year 11, which includes 6-8 weeks of tuition and accommodation via a homestay in Paris. 

Students are also able to spend the Christmas holiday period in Paris, attending school at Notre Dame. Our French friends have the opportunity to come to Peninsula Grammar during their summer holidays in July and August. 

Other long-term stays are possible, with some students choosing to live and work in a type of GAP year in either France or Australia after they have left school.

This experience is offered on the alternate year to our language and cultural travel opportunity to the Creipac School in Noumea, New Caledonia. 

New Caledonia - a French Language and Cultural Opportunity 

Our French students have the opportunity to further their language and cultural knowledge with an 8-day tour to New Caledonia. This experience is offered on the alternate year to our French Exchange to Paris. 

Our students travel to Noumea and have the opportunity to attend language classes at the Creipac School.

This international experience provides our French students with important daily language practice while they immerse themselves in the local culture, visiting local markets, restaurants and local villages and islands.