Cadets provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development in our students, developing leadership skills, fostering teamwork and encouraging an ethic of service, resilience, mateship and self-discipline.

Peninsula Grammar Army Cadet Unit was established in 1965 and since that time has operated most successfully as part of the Personal Development Program. Cadets provides outstanding opportunities for personal growth and development in our students. It seeks to develop leadership skills, to foster teamwork and to encourage an ethic of service, resiliency, and self-discipline. It also offers a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Recruit training is mandated by the Australian Army Cadets and equips students with the skills they need for a six-day outdoor experience at Puckapunyal in September. For this reason, a minimum commitment of one year is required and new enrolments are accepted at the beginning of each Semester. Year 7 students must turn thirteen during the year they join. In the first year, Cadets learn the basics of living and surviving in the field as well as some customs and traditions, navigation, drill and first aid. Training takes place during school time as part of the Personal Development Program on Wednesday afternoons. Importantly, training is conducted by Cadets for Cadets so it is our Senior Cadets who plan, conduct, evaluate and improve training. Teachers are present in a supervisory and administrative capacity only.

Each year, the Australian Army Cadets offer a range of opportunities to Cadets at all levels of their training. Junior and Senior Leadership courses are conducted at Puckapunyal during the July and December school holidays. Other courses vary but include Weapons training, Robotics and Engineering. Senior Cadets who have completed the CUO/WO Course may participate as Assistant Directing Staff at these courses, giving them valuable teaching and leadership experience. Examples of other opportunities taken up by eligible cadets in 2017 included: The MCC Cup, a marksmanship competition; a SCUBA Course at Portland where they earned their dive certificates; Cool Cadet, a military skills competition in the snow; and one student completed the Kokoda Track with a group of Australian Cadets. The range of activities varies according to resources and staff but there is a commitment to offering ongoing variety and challenge.

Cadets will be encouraged to use elements of their cadet experience to contribute to the successful completion of the Compass and Duke of Edinburgh awards.

CAPT (AAC) Christen Jacobs

Officer Commanding

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