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Instrumental and choral program

The Year 2 Strings Program is a beginning string program. Students are involved in an ensemble-focused activity whilst learning violin and cello. Corelli Strings follows on from the Year 2 Strings Program with violin and cello students in Year 3. They rehearse once per week as an Ensemble, covering many aspects of string playing technique, whilst preparing for regular performances within the School. Paganini Strings continues with violin, viola, cello and double bass students participating in ensemble playing using junior string orchestra material. Members are in Years 4 to 6 and they rehearse weekly.

The Year 5 Band program sees all Year 5 students learn an instrument. Many continue to refine their skills and may join the Grainger Band, our beginner ensemble for wind, brass and percussion players. The School also has a Junior Flute Ensemble.

Singers are catered for in our Choral music program which includes choirs in Year 3 and 4 as well as Britten Choir for students in Years 4 -6.

In the Senior School, we have Senior and Junior Percussion Ensembles, a Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, Concert Band and Stage Band. There are a number of smaller ensembles, including Jazz Flutes and Cello Ensemble. The Chorus (open entry) and Prelude (entry by audition) cater for students who enjoy singing. 

Music Examinations
Full and part time music staff are encouraged to enter their students in music examinations in order to understand their preparation and performing processes and to obtain vital experience in receiving critical evaluation and feedback. Students have successfully undertaken examinations for the Australian Music Examinations Board and the Trinity College of Music.

Private Tuition
Students have opportunities to learn an instrument, or voice, from qualified, specialist teachers throughout their school career. Weekly lessons are taught as a withdrawal from class within the school day and are subject to a fee. Instruments are available for hire from the School also for a nominal fee.


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