Student Blog  |  February 6, 2020

Head of Year 12 • Matilda-Pearl McNamara-Muir

Matilda-Pearl McNamara-Muir is excited about what’s ahead in 2020 and her senior role. She also reflects on her time at Peninsula Grammar.

My years at Peninsula Grammar have been all about new experiences and pursuing what I am passionate about.

What is unique and special about Peninsula is the relationships which are encouraged across and between year levels as well as with teachers. I’ve done the school production every year since Year 8 and they are always a highlight for me.

What makes our musicals so special are the bonds made between students. Peninsula Grammar has felt like a family for me. I’ve always felt encouraged and supported by my teachers, as well as the students around me. Looking back on my years at Peninsula, it astounds me the varied and numerous experiences and opportunities that have been offered to me.

One thing that stands out to me specifically is the moment Head of Ensemble and Instrumental Music, Dr Richard Vaudrey, encouraged me to start song writing. Four years later, writing music is now my greatest passion. I love the focus here on individual growth – targeted to each student’s strengths. I am incredibly excited to be Head of Year 12 this year.

One of my main roles is to help ensure the wellbeing of the Year 12 cohort, helping to build a supportive environment in which everyone feels encouraged to strive for their absolute best over this coming year. I also hope to help in continuing the strong relationships, which are evident amongst year levels. If I could say one thing about my time at Peninsula, it would be how supportive the environment has felt over these past six years.


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