Scholarships 2021

Applications for both the Memorial '99 Scholarship and the Robert Barr-Smith Scholarship for 2021 are now open and will close on Friday 9 October 2020. For full details, please read the overview of each scholarship to assess eligibility, and then apply and fill out the form to receive an application.

Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship [Years 10 or 11]

It is the rare student that can take a giant leap of faith towards the conclusion of their secondary schooling. If you are this student, we want to hear from you. 

The Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship, encourages students to be courageous, to be daring and, to be inspired to shape their own tomorrow. This Scholarship fully funds the education of a student who will join the School in Year 10 or 11 in 2021.  

The recipient of this Scholarship will be a person of integrity, an individual who wants to change the world and contribute meaningfully and powerfully to it. Someone who wants to forge a path in their life in the service of others, and lead the way in innovation, creativity, and difference.  

There is something unique about the Peninsula, but there exists something even more unique about Peninsula Grammar. We know that the chance to study at the School, will provide a young man or woman with limitless opportunities in their lives.  

Students seeking to enter Peninsula Grammar at Year 10 or 11, 2021 may apply for our Class of ’99 Memorial Scholarship. This is a General Excellence, means-tested full Scholarship, tenable until the student finishes Year 12. 

The recipient need not necessarily be an outstanding academic, but must show a strong commitment to his or her studies. In addition, he or she will be able to detail achievements in areas outside the academic program, such as sports, debating or music.  Community service and any leadership roles the student has undertaken are also relevant. 

Ideally the Scholarship will be awarded to a student who would otherwise not have had the opportunity to attend the School. Please fill out the form below to receive your application for full details on criteria and process.  


Robert Barr-Smith Scholarship - Year 7 

The Robert Barr-Smith Foundation was established in 1915 after the death of businessman and philanthropist Robert Barr-Smith. 

Mr Barr-Smith allocated funds to a scholarship for a Peninsula Grammar student as part of his trust. The trust fund is explicit about how the money must be used. This annual scholarship is open to male students only from Victoria who will be entering Year 7. Applicants may not be existing students of Peninsula Grammar and should be from a family that would otherwise not be able to afford the School’s fees. 

This general excellence, means-tested scholarship is offered annually, entailing a full remission of tuition fees and associated costs, plus extras such as music lessons, excursions and electives tenable from the commencement of Year 7 through to the completion of Year 12. 

Applicants are not required to sit the annual EduTest scholarship exam, but may elect to do so. Please fill out the form below to receive your application for full details on criteria and process.

Applications for both 2021 Scholarships are now open and will close on Friday 9 October 2020.