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English Language Centre

The English Language Centre’s philosophy is underpinned by the greater School community’s Christian ethic of service and concern for others. The pastoral aspects of the school experience are of paramount importance in a context where international students are far from home and their effective support systems. Our staff work collaboratively to monitor and promote the wellbeing of each individual student. Similarly, the Intensive English Course provides instruction based on the individual needs of students.

Teachers in the English Language Centre acknowledge that learners can feel alienation in the process of learning a second language. Staff are sensitive to the fragility of students and adopt techniques and approaches that promote cultural understanding. They are guided by some global principles:
 •   Students must learn to be self directed; 
 •  Students must learn to take risks;
 •  Students need to put pressure on themselves and accept pressure from their teachers and peers to
   accelerate learning;
 •  Language and culture cannot be fully separated;
 •  Language learning requires great and sustained time and effort;
 •  Encouragement builds confidence and leads to eventual success.

Course Objectives

The principal objective of the Intensive English Course is to prepare students for classes in the main school. Students are taught specific academic skills such as essay writing, grammar, spoken English strategies and reading comprehension, all of which are vital to their success in mainstream classes. Special emphasis is placed on writing and reading. This emphasis acknowledges the important role taken by these two skills during the two years of the Victorian Certificate of Education. The course also recognises the need for students to function successfully within an English-speaking community and, to this end, seeks to develop the oral and aural skills necessary for both academic and social purposes. Further, study of Australian history and culture enables the students to develop social and cultural literacy, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of their own culture and an appreciation of the cultural differences they experience here in Australia..

Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and there is an emphasis on learning-how-to-learn skills. The course seeks to enable students to develop skills to understand and express opinions, attitudes and feelings, as well as to process information analytically and to think and respond creatively.

Download our English Language Centre Handbook 2019 for further information.


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