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Board of directors scholarship - year 7-12

Board of Directors Scholarship Background

The Peninsula Grammar Board of Directors knows the true value of a Peninsula Grammar education; of the benefits of learning with and being part of one of Australia’s leading independent schools. They also understand that not all families can afford to give their child the opportunity of a first class Peninsula Grammar journey.

The Board of Directors is therefore offering a small number of families who would not normally be able to afford to send their child to Peninsula Grammar, the life changing opportunity of a scholarship including full remission of tuition fees from Year 7 through to the completion of Year 12.

This scholarship will allow the recipients the opportunity to learn, grow and flourish ready to take a purposeful place in life. Peninsula Grammar is an impactual institution; influencing students who will make a difference beyond our gates.

This is a general excellence, means-tested scholarship.

Existing students of Peninsula Grammar are ineligible for this scholarship. The Applicant must be an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident or holder of a permanent humanitarian visa. This scholarship does not include boarding and is not open to International students.

Applications for 2020 have now closed.

Selection process

The scholarships will be awarded through an application and interview process. In assessing a student’s application for this scholarship, regard will be given to the applicant’s:

  • Academic commitment
  • Family financial circumstances
  • History of general excellence – this may be academic, musical, sporting or in another field
  • Personal qualities
  • Likely contribution to the life of Peninsula Grammar.

Students who are short-listed for this scholarship will be invited to the School for an interview with the Principal. The Scholarship will be awarded having regard to the student’s written application and the interview. The Scholarship recipients will be advised approximately 6-8 weeks after the application closing date.

Scholarship conditions

This Scholarship entails certain conditions:

  • The Principal may terminate the Scholarship at any time if he is not satisfied with the holder’s conduct or progress
  • The Scholarship recipient and their Caregivers will be required to lead in the academic and co-curricular life of the School, give an undivided loyalty to the School and participate fully in School activities
  • The Scholarship recipient and their Caregivers consent to participate in occasional media releases or events promoting the School and/or the Scholarship. The recipient may opt out of this requirement by written notice to the School
  • The Applicant’s family must demonstrate financial need as it is the intention of the Scholarship that the family would not otherwise be able to afford the Peninsula Grammar fees. If during the currency of the Scholarship the family’s financial circumstances change such that they would be in a position to afford the School’s fees, the School must be immediately advised
  • If the recipient leaves Peninsula Grammar before the completion of their education to attend another school, the Scholarship is not portable to another school and will be withdrawn in this event. No payment or other consideration in lieu of the unexpired portion of the Scholarship will be provided to the recipient
  • The Scholarship is renewable annually for up to 6 years (Years 7 through 12), and continued eligibility of the Scholarship will be assessed by the School at the completion of each year, based on continued general excellence, the recipient’s conduct and the recipient’s family continuing to meet the financial need criteria.

To Apply

Applications for 2020 have now closed.

Required documentation to be included in an application:

  • The Applicant must attach a statement to this application setting out why they would be a good candidate for the Scholarship and why they wish to attend Peninsula Grammar. This should be in the Applicant’s own words and handwriting and comprise no more than 500 words
  • Details of two referees who can support this application. The Referees must have known the Applicant for at least two years. Written references are welcome for example:
  • Academic Referee – e.g. School Principal, Teacher
  • Character Referee – e.g. Sports coach, chaplain, community group leader
  • Confidential parent financial statement.
    • Suggested documentation to be included in an application:

      1. Copies of School Reports: Grade 6 progress report, Grade 5 end of Year report and NAPLAN results – Years 3 and 5.

      2. Information regarding academic achievements: copies of any academic awards, competition results etc. 

      3. Information regarding co-curricular interests and achievements: Information about the applicant’s interests and achievements, including in the areas of music, performing arts, sport, debating etc. 

      4. Any other information that may be considered relevant to the application. This may include, for example, information on any leadership positions held and community service undertaken by the Applicant.


      Please contact our Admissions Office on 03 9788 7753 with any enquiries about this scholarship.


Parents wishing to view the School are invited to contact our Admissions Office, who welcome enquiries at any time and will be happy to arrange personal tours for families. Telephone (03) 9788 7753 or email



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