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A B Stuart Johnston Principal 1 Learn. Grow. Flourish At The Peninsula School students receive an outstanding well-rounded education in a safe and positive environment that enables them to learn grow and flourish throughout every stage of schooling and ultimately as global citizens. In Flourish The Learning Purpose our mission is summarised with reference to all that underpins and characterises each students fulfilling school experience with us. It gives you an immediate sense of who we are what we do why we do it and how we do it. This companion volume Flourish The Learning Blueprint provides further insight into The Peninsula Schools combination of distinguishing features the all important conditions and elements that make flourishing possible. Whether your child joins us at the beginning of the school journey or part way through he or she is equally welcome and invited to maximise the benefits that flow from being valued and enriched in a caring personalised learning environment. We invite you to read these prospectus volumes explore our website at and ask ourcurrentandpastfamiliesabouttheirownPeninsula journeys. Above all we urge you to visit and tour our comprehensive well-resourced campus so you can discover for yourself why students feel happy here why they excel and graduate world-ready. We look forward to meeting your family and having you join our unique and dynamic learning community. Stuart Johnston Principal Welcome 2 The Peninsula School is an independent open-entry coeducational Anglican day and boarding school for 1450 three-year-old Kindergarten to Year 12 students. It is located in Mount Eliza on the stunning Mornington Peninsula 55kms from the Melbourne CBD. Our reputation as a premier education provider is recognised both within Australia and internationally. While we are the school of choice for up to 75 students from around the world who board with us we also deliver the VCE in a joint venture with a number of schools in China. The Board and leadership team are committed to realising the Schools five strategic goals to preserve and strengthen the culture of the School as defined by the core values of Stewardship Integrity Coeducational Learning Personal Excellence Community Spirit and Christian Faith provide a variety of educational programs which encourage the pursuit of excellence attract retain and develop quality staff sustain and develop the wellbeing of the community maintain and develop outstanding well-equipped facilities. These core priorities guide the Schools direction underpin its ongoing success and ensure students remain at the heart of every endeavour. Education for all 3 Ensuring student success underpins our every endeavour The Peninsula Schools personalised learning approach ensures each students unique formation and learning journey is optimised. From Early Childhood to Year 12 learning is informed by individual abilities interests and learning styles and promoted by warm accessible teachers who employ a broad range of teaching strategies. Challenge and choice support and scaffolding are the hallmarks of every classroom. Our skilled staff modify instruction and monitor individual progress to ensure students benefit from timely and appropriate extension and support. This accounts for the Schools consistently excellent VCE results. A range of technologies and digital tools enhances the learning experience in all classrooms and across all disciplines. Learning to choose the appropriate tool for each task helps students develop the flexibility required to adapt to diverse circumstances. The Schools sequential Learning Framework is applied across the sub-schools to best cater for student needs at their respective ages and stages of development. Personalised learning 4 5 Optimising each students unique formation and learning journey 6 Kindergarten-Year 4 Discovering Me Each childs natural curiosity and sense of wonder is fostered in our Early Childhood Centres nurturing and stimulating learning environment. Quality Literacy Numeracy and Developmental Curriculum programs involve hands- on learning and investigation. The process of discovering promotes confidence resourcefulness and resilience. In the Junior Schools Years 2-4 program a love of learning is further facilitated. The core academic priorities of Literacy Numeracy and Inquiry Studies develop understanding curiosity creativity and skill acquisition. Personal development and the importance of responsible citizenship are also emphasised. A spirit of collaboration mutual support having a go and doing your best underpins the success culture. Developing curiosity and a sense of wonder 7 Years 5-8 Becoming Me Academic personal and community service development is extended in Years 5-8 through a variety of curricular co-curricular and pastoral programs tailored to the needs of pre-teens and adolescents experiencing significant physical emotional and social change. In the process of becoming the best version of themselves students are empowered to take responsibility for their learning and personal growth. They explore who they are what they believe what they know and can do through a rigorous holistic curriculum that holds them to high expectations of participation and progress. As the process of becoming enlightens and develops each students sense of self the benefits extend beyond the individual enriching the cohort the School and wider community. Exploring who I am what I believe what I know and can do 8 Year 9 Challenging Me Challenging studies enrich our Year 9 students. Deep levels of enquiry are fostered through the Pathways9 program which includes the Peninsula to the City P2C experience. This two week CBD project develops independence and initiative. The physically challenging 10-day Outdoor Education camp and the completion of an extended individual learning project presented during Exhibition Week further enhances confidence interpersonal and communication skills. The acquisition and application of knowledge and skills in an engaging inquiry-based program fosters the high levels of motivation and accomplishment students experience at this level. It is an outstanding preparation for the three-year Senior School program. Rising to challenges and experiencing success 9 Years 10-12 Inspiring Me Dedicated expert teachers coach our senior students through the final inspiring stage of secondary schooling as they prepare for tertiary education apprenticeships or employment. The ability to choose from over 30 VCE subjects and a range of VET and VCAL program options ensures a suitable study and career pathway for all students. Higher-order problem solving advanced thinking resourcefulness and self-determination are emphasised at this level. Pastoral care remains integral to school life incorporating life skill instruction community service course counselling and careers guidance. Maximising learning and developing independence 10 Coeducation is one of our core commitments because we believe girls and boys need to grow up in an environment that reflects the real world fosters equality and capitalises upon the benefits derived from gender collaboration. When our girls and boys play together learn together lead together and serve together they develop the well-rounded social and personal skills to successfully engage in and contribute to contemporary society. The leadership team places great emphasis on appointing staff who know how to bring out the best in both individuals and class cohorts. They draw out and encourage respect for the different thinking views and opinions girls and boys have in relation to all studies. They are expert at moderating discussion and classroom interactions so girls and boys whether forthright and confident or more thoughtful and considered are given the time and opportunity to express themselves test their ideas debate possibilities and suggest alternatives. The welcome presence of our indigenous and international students enhances this real-life population mix. A shared multicultural experience enables local and international students to develop cultural empathy and an appreciation of different beliefs values and traditions that facilitates understanding and communication. It is a critical preparation for life in an interconnected world. Committed to coeducation 11 Preparing students for life in a realistic population context 12 The Peninsula School is a very special place a thriving community of caring inclusive members who share the vision of preparing young people for fulfilling and meaningful lives. Our teachers students and parents value each other collaborate and communicate well. This fosters the positive relationships conducive to learning and the development of mature and optimistic individuals. The development of community spirit was so important to the School that it was enshrined as a core value. As a result students feel well connected and experience a strong sense of belonging. Engaging community spirit They also develop a lifelong service mentality a commitment to taking action within the community that enriches the lives of others. This can include raising funds for aid projects funding The Peninsula School India volunteering with local charity organisations assisting with refugee homework programs supporting sustainable 13 environment projects developing first aid skills learning Auslan and volunteering in developing countries through World Challenge expeditions. The Peninsula School Board the Executive Team our active Peninsula School Parents Association PSPA and alumni The Old Peninsula School Association - TOPSA combine their passion commitment expertise and ongoing interest to help perpetuate our vibrant and dynamic community. Experiencing care and extending it to others 14 Fostering wellbeing by learning to think learn and live well 15 Wellbeing and the development of the whole person lie at the heart of education at The Peninsula School. This is facilitated in part through our Positive Education program. The science and principles of positive psychology are infused into the Schools culture promoting the positive emotions engagement relationships meaning and accomplishment that enable individuals to flourish and contribute meaningfully to society. Fully trained classroom teachers and mentors implement this learning through the classroom co-curricular and Pastoral Care programs. Itisthroughtherangeofintegratedpersonalandlifeskillprogramsthat each students educational experience wellbeing and development is monitored. In addition to teachers Program Directors Directors of Learning and Heads of Sub-School our network of support staff for the School community includes School Counsellors the Chaplain educational psychologists careers advisers medical staff special education teachers and Boarding House supervisors. Our comprehensive wellbeing and Pastoral Care programs ensure that students experience The Peninsula School as a happy supportive and nurturing community. Proactive positive care 15 16 As an independent school in association with the Anglican Church of Australia we nurture the spirituality of all community members by providing opportunities to explore and express Christianity in ways that are authentic and contemporary. The Schools motto Quod Bonum Tenete Hold Fast That Which Is Good embodies our commitment to developing moral character and a service ethic driven by justice and compassion. Students are encouraged to continually test whether they are pursuing their best and building upon the positive qualities that help define the human spirit to which we all aspire. In line with Anglican tenets of respect for cultural and religious diversity community members of all faiths are welcome. Our Prep to Year 10 curriculum includes age-appropriate Religious and Values studies that help students enquire into lifes big questions examine and respond to the claims of Christian faith and develop their own spiritual understanding. In studying alternative faiths students also grow in their appreciation of and respect for different beliefs. Chapel services are an integral part of our Faith curriculum delivery. Living our values 17 Developing moral character and a service ethic 18 Learning to lead self others and the community 19 The leadership potential in every student is nurtured throughout school life building the self-awareness confidence and skills required to serve others. Through training embedded in the curriculum and programs woven through Years 2-12 students learn to work effectively as team members and leaders. They discover the challenge and satisfaction inherent in leading and the importance of collaboration in realising goals. At Year 6 while all students are challenged to display leadership and are recognised for their effective demonstration of it formal rotating roles of varying tenure ensure all students develop a sense of responsibility and benefit from leadership opportunities. In the Middle School students gain further experience in modelling inspiring enabling and encouraging others as Class Captains Year Level House Leaders and leaders within the Cadet Unit and Outdoor Education program. Year 10 students hone their leadership and pastoral care skills through the Peer Mentoring program which facilitates positive relationships between seniors and Years 6-7 students. Students in Year 11 are invited to take initiative and support teachers in the administration of the Year Levels activities. Genuine opportunities are provided for them to lead activities including leadership breakfasts assemblies and social events. Prefect roles are awarded to a team of Year 12 students. They join our Heads of School Senior Prefect and Heads of Year 12 in leading the student body and take responsibility for a variety of Academic Arts House Peer Support Community Service and Sport portfolios. Additional opportunities to display leadership are available to senior students through the Schools extensive co-curricular and Boarding programs. Everyones a leader 20 A healthy active lifestyle is promoted through the Schools extensive Sport and Outdoor Education programs. Junior School students develop motor skills ball skills and fitness before engaging in game situations. In Years 5 and 6 House competition interschool competition and exposure to sports including athletics swimming cross-country netball soccer and football assist in each childs physical and social development. Independence and confidence are also fostered through the Year 6 camp and study tour experience. Students in the Middle and Senior schools compete in the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria winter and summer Active for life competitions conducted on Saturday mornings. An appreciation of team commitment camaraderie school spirit sportsmanship and discipline emerges along with the leadership and skill development the program affords. These lessons are further consolidated through the keen good-natured rivalry demonstrated during House competition in athletics swimming and cross-country. 21 The Outdoor Education program is a highlight of The Peninsula School experience. Increasingly challenging camp activities that foster personal growth skill development teamwork and an appreciation of environmental issues underpin the programs scope and sequence. In Years 7 and 8 students experience camping under canvas and activities include hiking high ropes courses and rafting. In Year 9 the 10-day experience involves a 4-day wilderness hike requiring pre-planning and a demonstration of self-sufficiency. Year 10 students can choose to extend their skills by undertaking hiking rock climbing sea kayaking canoeing horse riding or wilderness experiences. Promoting the benefits of sport competition and life in the great outdoors 22 Music Drama and the Visual Arts play a central role in the educational and cultural life of The Peninsula School. The broad ranging Prep-Year 8 classroom music curriculum is complemented by comprehensive opt-in instrumental and vocal programs. Involvement in String and Band programs Choirs and Musical Theatre in the Junior School lays the foundation for advanced skill development in the Years 7-8 classroom instrumental and choral music program. At these levels music technology further enhances learning and prepares those who choose to study Music through the elective program in Years 9 and 10 and at VCE. The annual Middle and Senior School Musical performed for audiences of up to 800 each night at the Frankston Arts Centre is a calendar highlight providing more than 60 actors singers dancers musicians stage and lighting crew members with the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills. In contrast events hosted at the School allow students from all performance disciplines to entertain more intimate audiences. The professional quality of these productions assures our reputation for excellence in performing arts. Music workshops master classes rehearsals camps concerts showcases recitals and competition circuits help keep our orchestras bands choirs and composers on song. Celebrating creativity 23 Visual Art studies challenge students at all levels to think imagine design create and appreciate. They use a wide range of media materials and technologies to express themselves through subjects including Art Ceramics Design and Technology Photography and Visual Communication Design. Works are regularly exhibited in displays across the School for the enjoyment of the whole community. Arts Week further promotes creative expression allowing students to engage in activities hosted by the Music Dance Drama and Art Design and Technology departments. Enriching life through creative expression in the performing and visual arts 24 Providing broad experiences for learning and growth 25 The breadth of co-curricular programs at The Peninsula School allows every student to discover what they enjoy and are good at. The Personal Development Program at Years 7 and 8 allows students to choose activities from Life Experience and Community Service streams involving them in activities such as Cadets archery fencing photography surfing aviation golf and community engagement. In addition to the extensive physical and creative arts co-curricular offerings squads train for internal and statewide Debating and Public Speaking competitions. International experiences are also provided through the French Exchange program with our sister school Notre Dame Les Oiseaux near Paris. Opportunities to excel 25 26 Established in 1961 our extensive single-site campus is home to the Early Childhood Centre and the Junior Middle and Senior Schools. While each purpose built sub-school occupies its own space they are inextricably linked. This fosters the strong sense of belonging that students parents and staff enjoy as members of one school community. Our outstanding technology-rich classroom and specialist facilities are testament to the Schools commitment to continual improvement and the provision of infrastructure that supports effective learning across a broad range of disciplines. Contemporary flexible well-resourced specialist spaces optimise the learning of music art design and technology science and sport. Our Physical Education Centres comprise three gymnasiums two with adjoining heated swimming pools ovals an athletics track and tennis and netball courts. The R.J. Zammit Senior Centre VCE opened in 2014 is one of our landmark buildings. It epitomises the very best that current educational philosophy and architectural expertise can combine to create. It features twenty state-of-the-art classrooms with break out spaces that lend a tertiary feel and promote both collaborative and individual learning. The digitally sophisticated and spacious classrooms with their diverse furniture configurations facilitate student-centred learning research presentations and interaction with peers and teachers. The design clearly honours Contemporary learning spaces 27 the full range of student learning preferences. The vast space of the 250 seat cafeteria provides an additional venue to enrich the senior school experience. The facilitys value in contributing to student learning outcomes cannot be overstated. It plays a significant part in our strategy for providing The Peninsula School students with an unsurpassed education. All new infrastructure projects incorporate environmentally sustainable design reflecting our policy of responsible ecological practice. Enhancing learning in state-of-the-art facilities across all sub-schools and disciplines 28 Empowering students to contribute and flourish 29 An education at The Peninsula School means our graduates leave equipped to flourish on their respective personal and professional journeys. They are well-rounded resilient resourceful and principled people empowered to make a significant community contribution wherever they find themselves. Like the alumni who have gone before them for over five decades they are ready to lead fulfilling and successful lives in our complex rapidly changing multicultural world. Graduating world ready 30 At The Peninsula School we welcome all students. There are no specific entrance requirements or assessments. Parentsareaskedtoregisterenrolmentapplicationsasearlyaspossible as demand for places at the School is high. Boys and girls usually join the School community at Kindergarten Prep Year 5 Year 7 Year 9 or Year 11. Entry at other year levels is dependent on available places. Academic General Excellence Music and International scholarships and bursaries are offered across multiple year levels. Enrolments and Scholarships 30 31 Details are available on our website 32 To the best of our knowledge the information provided in this prospectus is correct at the time of printing. The Peninsula School reserves the right to change course offerings fees and all other aspects without notification. The Peninsula School accepts no responsibility for any errors nor any liability for any consequences that may follow from any persons use of this material. 33 34