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Stuart Johnston Principal Flourish The Learning Purpose Flourish Verb grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment. Synonyms grow thrive prosper do well develop spring up bloom blossom bear fruit burst forth. ___________________________________________________________________ flourish flr verb grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment. Synonyms grow thrive prosper do well increase shoot up bloom bear fruit burst forth ___________________________________________________________________ enriching students as they learn grow and flourish flourish I can be myself and keep reaching for my next goal. At The Peninsula School students learn grow and flourish. This doesnt surprise us because developing potential is our purpose the delightful outcome we expect and get given the conditions we create and the stimulus we provide. Its our caring Christian culture our positive learning environments and engaging personalised learning programs that facilitate growth and foster success. Seeing students enriched and empowered to be their best is worth celebrating. We get to do that often across all sub-schools and disciplines at Peninsula We look forward to celebrating with you as your child is given the opportunity to flourish through every stage of schooling with us. I wonder if theres a better way unique Your childs success story begins with our expert dedicated teachers. They make it their business to know validate nurture and challenge each girl and boy. As a result students develop the confidence and ability to rise to challenges and excel. Success breeds success so we find that once on this positive trajectory students are highly motivated to keep reaching for and achieving their potential. Groups of students sharing these qualities and attitudes create outstanding learning communities in which belonging collaboration mutual respect and encouragement further promote well-rounded growth. Peninsula students enjoy life on campus and are happy because they have the right environment in which to develop the best version of themselves. Look The school we sponsor in India is right there. caring The Schools friendly culture reflects the Christian values and benefits that flow personally and for the community when students exemplify our motto and Hold Fast That Which Is Good. Being spiritually anchored fosters mindfulness and gratitude it motivates service and the desire to make a positive difference locally and globally. While this inspires our students to aid specific causes their altruism is also evident in consistently demonstrating the Schools core values of stewardship integrity and personal excellence. As a result they learn to live responsibly and sustainably act ethically advocate for others and achieve high expectations. The practice of these traditional values in the School and wider community has perpetuated our reputation as The School with Spirit. Its quite fitting because it describes our caring ethos as well as the energy and enthusiasm with which we educate our local and international students. This spirit evident since our establishment in 1961 grows stronger every day. Its something people talk about because they experience and appreciate it. Clearly this same spirit inspires our students and gives them the confidence and capacity to soar. This is so much fun positive We know it takes positive resilient and optimistic people to flourish in an increasingly complex and challenging world. Thats why at The Peninsula School every student is immersed in a Positive Education program from day one that equips them with the tools to think learn and live well. Now and in the future we want our students to know how to manage hardship and disappointment and to demonstrate persistence. We also want them to benefit right now from all that building self-awareness and strong interpersonal skills affords. Our purposeful wellbeing strategy fosters cooperation and enhances the friendly environment in which everyone is valued and can thrive. personal My teachers help me to be my best and excel. Since students excel in different fields at different times and in different ways our personalised learning programs bring out the best in every child. Learning that caters for individual interests abilities and readiness ensures students are always appropriately engaged supported and challenged. We love where curiosity inquiry and creativity take our students. It can be a journey to anywhere but there is always rigour deep thinking collaboration problem solving skill development and mastery along the way. The success of this approach is evident not only in the Schools outstanding VCE results and the range of tertiary study and career pathways our alumni take but also in the fact that they become lifelong learners. When youre in one of our teams youre part of something special. active Developing well-rounded students means we equally encourage active healthy physical living. Keen athletes can grow and showcase their skills in a wide range of sports through the Physical Education program the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria competition and House sport. Our outstanding facilities and coaching will certainly give your child the edge theyre after. But students dont have to be brilliant at competitive sport to enjoy its benefits. Building great camaraderie and School spirit is part of the fun too. Varied experiences provided through dance camp activities and the Outdoor Education program also provide plenty of scope for students to hone skills explore interests and develop a healthy lifestyle commitment. creative I dont know what its going to be yet it could be anything The world of performing and visual arts at The Peninsula School provides yet another range of opportunities for students to build confidence and excel. Whether learning an instrument singing acting filming sketching or sculpting students are encouraged to perfect their craft. Theres something for everyone from the classic to the contemporary. Its incredibly enjoyable of course but there are also challenges to face theory to master rehearsals to attend and skills to develop. Its at our concerts and art exhibitions that we see the extraordinary product of the learning creative thought collaboration and hard work thats been invested. You wont want to miss these opportunities to celebrate student expression with us Everyones friendly they smile and want you to join in. happy In the course of all this positive activity perhaps students arent aware of the social skills theyre practising and improving. Its not lost on us though because we consider learning to make friends and get along with others to be one of the most important lessons of all. Our coeducational commitment and international student mix facilitates this learning because it mirrors the real world and best prepares boys and girls local and international students for life in that world. You dont have to be in the company of our students for long to see how happy they are and to discover their appreciation of diversity. excellent Its easy to stay focused on your study with all you need right here. Our outstanding technology-rich and well- resourced Kindergarten to Year 12 facilities enhance all aspects of your childs education. They are situated on 35 hectares of parkland just 50 minutes from Melbourne on the Mornington Peninsula. The campus accommodates our four spacious discrete sub-schools extensive sporting facilities the Chapel the Science Centre the Performing Arts Centre administration buildings and Boarding Houses. The Boards commitment to upgrading learning spaces to support best teaching and learning practice is a testament to their wise stewardship. The Zammit Senior Centre a contemporary pre-tertiary style facility that has enabled us to redefine senior schooling is an outstanding example of this. A visit to the site is sure to impress. When lots of thinking goes into the mix a great idea can come out. collaborative Successful infrastructure development and the implementation of our continual school improvement plan has been due in part to effective collaboration with community members. We believe that your partnership with us in the education of your child is critical. An integral part of this is a clear and ongoing information exchange.Thisoccursbothformallyandinformally. While we conduct bi-annual learning dialogues involving students teachers and parents your contact and input is always welcome. You can make an appointment to see us give us a call stay informed through our website and social media and join the Peninsula School Parents Association PSPA. Our vibrant community will be the richer for your involvement and support. holistic You get to develop and pursue your own aspirations whatever they might be. The Peninsula Schools culture learning approach wellbeing strategy and broad co-curricular program are at the heart of what enables us to help each student develop the knowledge skills and attributes to achieve his or her aspirations. Whether they are in the physics lab a language lesson in a Chapel service at a leadership meeting rehearsing or training on camp or touring overseas what were doing is facilitating their well-rounded education and providing the means to grow their potential. Achieving this equips our graduates with the life skills to enjoy personal and professional lives that are both meaningful and fulfilling. Its simply what happens when they keep practising what it takes to flourish To the best of our knowledge the information provided in this prospectus is correct at the time of printing. The Peninsula School reserves the right to change course offerings fees and all other aspects without notification. The Peninsula School accepts no responsibility for any errors nor any liability for any consequences that may follow from any persons use of this material.